BIOL 1406

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Dr. Sal Tavormina

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BIOL 1406 is a 4 credit, introductory course in Cellular and Molecular Biology, with both lecture and lab components.  It is designed for science majors and preprofessional students who require a rigorous and quantitative biology course that will provide an adequate foundation for taking more advanced courses in biology and related sciences. Prerequisites for this class include one year of high school chemistry or one semester of college chemistry; AND two years of high school algebra or MATD 0390 (intermediate algebra).   For a more complete description of this and other biology courses, please consult the ACC Course Catalog.


bullet BIOL 1406 Syllabus for Fall 2012

Course Objectives

bullet Unit 1
bullet Unit 2 
bullet Unit 3
bullet Unit 4


Blackboard - is an ACC Web site that provides access to all online materials for this class.  You must log-in to Blackboard to complete each lecture module in the course.  Blackboard also provides access to the online Laboratory Manual.  In addition, it contains a variety of instructional tools including  practice exercises from your textbook publisher, an electronic Gradebook, a Discussion Board, and a Virtual Classroom.   You can use the Gradebook to check your grades in the class.  The Discussion Board allows you to post questions, comments, and replies to other members of your class; you can use it to look for a study partner or to form a study group.  The Virtual Classroom is available for real-time conversations with anyone in your class who is logged on at the same time that you are.

bullet Blackboard Support Site - information, user's manuals, and support
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Online Study Aids

bullet PowerPoint Slides: summarize the most important information in each chapter of the textbook.
bullet How to Improve your Grade in BIOL 1406: if you want to know how you can improve your grade in BIOL 1406, this is the site for you.
bullet ACC Learning Labs: free on-campus tutoring for all ACC students
bullet Biology I Animations, Movies, & Interactive Tutorials - dozens of animations, movies, and tutorials on topics covered in BIOL 1408
bullet The Biology Project: an interactive online resource for biology developed at The University of Arizona.  Includes many tutorials and problem sets.

Online Biology Book: contains lecture outlines, diagrams, and review questions on many topics covered in BIOL 1406.

bullet Introduction to Biology: excellent notes on a many topics covered in BIOL 1406
bullet The World of Biology: collection of useful study notes and practice exercises
bullet CELLS alive!: study notes and practice exercises on cell biology
bullet Genetics Practice Problems: an interactive tutorial on how to predict the outcome of some simple (and not so simple) genetics crosses.
bullet DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor: a great site containing information and downloads related to molecular biology.

Online References, Magazines, and News Sources

bullet ACC Library: Search for books, media, articles, reference sources, and Web sites in the biological and medical sciences.  Site contains Medline search capabilities, H.M.S. Beagle (online magazine), free abstracts from many journals (and even some full length articles) and much more.

Biology Resources on the World Wide Web - an list of biology resources on the Web, maintained by the ACC library

bullet Scientific American Online: in-depth articles on topics of current interest, as well as shorter news briefs.
bullet The New York Times Sciences News: generally excellent coverage of newsworthy science stories.
bullet Science Now: today's stories from Science magazine
bullet Science Daily: links to current newsworthy articles in the sciences.

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