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Public Information and College Marketing


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Area of Study Brochures

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Social Media Style Guide

Style Guide Purpose

The purpose of this document is outline style guidelines for Austin Community College's central social media accounts. This document is updated frequently. For additional information on language and logo guidelines, see the ACC Editorial and Graphics Style Guide on the Public Information and College Marketing website.

Guidelines & Best Practices

Rules guide effective communication

The following guidelines and best practices address the use of social media for official college communications. They are not intended to apply to websites and/or social media sites created and maintained by faculty and staff on their own time and without use of ACC technology or resources. However, these guidelines are good best practices for any social media interaction.

Getting Started

Follow these five steps to get started

1. Review ACC's social media guidelines and best practices

Social media is easy and inexpensive to use, making it an attractive means of communication. However, it also can damage valued relationships and pose risks to the college's reputation. Read guidelines and best practices before engaging in social media.

ACC's Brand Identity

What is a Brand?

Our brand is our reputation. It's what others think about Austin Community College (ACC). The college is the primary gateway to higher education in Central Texas and is well positioned to become one of the premier two-year colleges in the nation.

Key Words

Key words that describe ACC are:


For conferences and special events

Campus managers have a tri-fold table top display, table drape, and banner that are available for loan for events. Public Information and College Marketing has a large display unit (floor to ceiling) and a tri-fold table top display that can be borrowed. Note, it is the client's responsibility to provide graphics and other elements for display.


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