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Technical Support Services

LISTSERV Information

ACC Official Employee LISTSERV's

ACC maintains fifteen LISTSERV's for communications with employees. Each campus has a list, each employee group has a list, and there is a list for all employees.

ACC has employee Listservs to broadcast announcements by email to ACC employees. Authorized administrators, faculty and staff can send messages to the employee lists.

To send email to the employee lists, employees should submit announcements to a member of the President's Leadership Team.

Email Use Guidelines

The purpose of the Austin Community College's electronic mail services is to advance and further the goals of the College as they are specified in the College's charter. The intent of this policy is to ensure that all uses of the College's electronic mail services are consistent with the mission of the College.

To ensure that efficient and equitable use of the connection is available to all appropriate users, the following guidelines are specified.


The increase in the amount of people across the Internet that are using e mail has resulted in a new way of communicating, with emerging implications and results that a new user might not be aware of. This document contains some hints that will put you "in the know" and keep you out of what can become some sticky cyber situations.


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