Grant Development & Compliance

Compression Planning

What is Compression Planning®?

Compression Planning® is a visual planning process designed to bring out a group's best thinking and energy to resolve a complex issue in an environment of fair play and equal participation. The process gets everybody heading in the same direction and compresses the planning time for major projects.

Funded Grant Projects

ACC's Grant Development & Compliance Department pursues resources that support the College's mission.

Our Staff

Mary E. Harris Ph.D. — Vice President, Institutional Planning, Development & Evaluation

(512) 223.7705

Grant Development & Compliance: Questions & Answers

Who does the Grant Development & Compliance Department serve?

Grant Development & Compliance serves all of the College's campuses and centers (Faculty, staff, and administration) to obtain external funding through competitive grants. 

Students wishing to apply for a grant as financial aid please see grants as types of financial aid.

Hours and Locations

We are located at the Highland Business Center on the 5th floor. 

Austin Community College District                 

5930 Middle Fiskville Rd. Austin, Texas 78752-4390

512.223.4ACC (4222)

Hours: Business Hours

Need Statement

Assessing Project Need

Strong research and clear, concise writing will help you form a compelling need statement.

Post Award

Contracting:  The Grant Development & Compliance Department will be notified once the funding source approves a grant application. You will be notified and all contracts will be managed by the Grant Development Department for final signatures. The contract originals will be distributed to the funding source and ACC, and copies will be provided to all participants and support services. 

Goals & Objectives

Developing Goals, Objectives, Activities, and Timelines

Goals:  Each project will often have only one overarching goal — a final, anticipated outcome or result. Goals tend to be broad and conceptual in nature; therefore, strive to develop one major goal for your project. It is often helpful to structure your goal as an outcome - driven mission statement.

Funding Sources

How to Access Funding Sources

Contact the Grant Development & Compliance Department:  The Grant Development & Compliance Department uses a variety of resources to help you locate potential funders for your projects. Resources include a funder database, listserv sources, various other online tools, and comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and private grant opportunities.


The Grant Development & Compliance Department will assist you with matching your project to potential funders, writing a compelling proposal, and submitting an application to a specific funding agency. 

We welcome you to explore the resources provided here which will help you develop ideas for funding sources, need statements, goals, and more.