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Institutional Planning, Development & Evaluation

Program Review


Austin Community College’s Program Review process for instructional units provides a framework to guide the reflective evaluation of the content, quality, and effectiveness of program curriculum, an essential part of academic stewardship. Program review enhances and ensures the quality of teaching we provide and learning we expect from our students.

Austin Community College’s Program Review process is based on the principles:

Training & Workshops

We are currently offering professional development opportunities related to institutional planning, program review, and assessment for all units of the District. 

Click the links below to view and enroll in institutional planning training sessions:

  • "One ACCord: Introduction to Institutional Planning at ACC" 
  • TracDat Training
  • Planning for Success: Developing Good Goals, Objectives & Overall Plans




Planning Units

For the purpose of comprehensive but capable planning, ACC divides planning units into three sections: Instructional (Educational), Administrative Support, and Educational Support. To learn more about which sections of the college fall under these categories, explore the menus below.


Currently, there are a total of eight instructional (educational) planning units. Each of these planning units and their disciplines, as divided by cohorts, is available in the chart below.

Program Review Cohorts:


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