Texas Pathways Project

Austin Community College is one of 12 Texas community colleges chosen to participate in the Texas Pathways Project, an initiative to help more institutions transition to guided pathways.

The project is sponsored by the Texas Success Center and funded by the Greater Texas Foundation. Participating colleges will receive assistance in implementing pathways and will serve as models for other colleges in the state.

Open Educational Resources

In June 2016 Austin Community College and seven other Texas colleges received a grant from the Achieving the Dream organization to develop degree programs that can be completed using open educational resources (OER) instead of proprietary textbooks. The goal is to save students money and improve success rates by providing open, online course materials that are free or available at minimal cost.

Futures Institute Final Report

Futures Institute members

Futures Institute members

NameDepartment / Office
Rafael Eduardo Ochoa Advising
Teresa Ashley  Library Services
Estrella Barrera Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Josh M. Beach English
Nereida Celis Early College High School
Angie Diaz-Miranda De La Rosa Advising
Nicole Eversmann Student
Allison Judice

Futures Institute feedback

Help shape the future of Austin Community College

During fall 2015, Austin Community College's Futures Institute will research strategies for restructuring college programs and processes into "guided pathways" to better support students' on-time completion.

The group's work is based on the book "Redesigning America's Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success," which highlights colleges that have realigned programs into career focus areas supported by improved processes for connection, entry, progress, and completion.

Futures Institute

Mapping a new direction

In August 2015, 24 ACC faculty, staff, and students were selected to explore how the college might structure its programs and services into “guided pathways” to help more students finish college on time, prepared for employment, career advancement, or university transfer.

In addition to researching the guided pathways model, these Futures Institute members visited other leading institutions and gathered input from the college community, Campus Advisory Committees, and other ACC partners.