Records and Information Management

Document Shredding Service Schedule

In order to increase our enforcement of data privacy laws and mitigate risks associated with identity theft, loss of confidential documents, misuse of sensitive information and non-compliance; we have placed confidential shred bins in various departments on each campus.  These confidential shred bins are for confidential/sensitive non-record material only; not to be confused with records that are a part of the College Retention Schedule.

Glossary of Terms

Active Records Documents that are maintained in the office for daily operations of the College.  [A record that is referred to more than once a month.]
Administrative Value The departmental value of a record in the performance of its assigned operations within the College.
Convenience Copy A copy created for administrative ease of use, also called a working or reference copy; not the record copy.
Electronic Records

Best Practices

Some tips and considerations while using Austin Community College forms:

Forms Management Procedures

ACC Administrative Rules

Administrative Procedures

Fortis: Questions & Answers

Q  What is Fortis?
A  Fortis is document management software that allows for efficient organization, storage, retrieval, and preservation of College records.  
What is PowerWeb?

Records Retention Video: Keeping Good Company

The business world has changed.  Today more than ever before, information management plays a central role in an organization's success.  And when it comes to managing information, every employee must do their part to help their organization succeed.  In Keeping Good Company, you will learn about the role you must play in helping your organization be accountable, competitive, and compliant.

System Evaluation

System Evaluation1...

Is the System logical?  Logic speeds learning, so staff members do not have to rely on memory alone. The new method behind the system should be clear and should follow a definable line of reasoning.

Is the system practical? Does it do what you want it to do? The system should not be so sophisticated or complex that it fails to serve the purpose for which it was designed.

Access Systems

Another consideration in selecting the filing system most appropriate for your office is the access system1 . There are two types: direct access and indirect access.

You must decide which access method is best suited to your agency. In making your decision, there are features of each we should be considered.

Direct Access

A direct access system allows a person to locate a particular record by going directly to the files and looking under the name of the record. Alphabetical systems are generally designed to be direct access.