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Staff Development and Evaluations

Staff Evaluations

Staff Evaluation Office Philosophy and Role

The purpose of the Staff Evaluation Office is to provide a system for the appraisal, development and documentation of all staff performance. The system of evaluation is designed to ensure the quality of work performed meets ACC's needs and more.

Technology Training

The Staff Professional Development and Evaluations Office is committed to providing online professional development training for staff and faculty opportunities to develop and maintain technology related skills. Employees can take online courses as listed below, or use your new login to access thousands of curriculm and video series to gain professional development credit and technical skills.

Professional Development: Questions & Answers

Q: What are the requirements for ADA and SHP?
A: Austin Community College requires its employees to participate in professional development opportunities that will enhance their abilities, provide job-related knowledge, improve their productivity and efficiency, and prepare them for higher-level positions. This commitment to growth is demonstrated by the fact that professional development is incorporated into the Performance Excellence Program (PEP), the performance review system developed and used by ACC for non-faculty positions.



Professional Development is the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities, or work environment. It plays a key role in maintaining trained, informed, and motivated employees, regardless of job classification.

Staff Professional Development and Evaluations

Welcome to the Staff Professional Development and Evaluation Programs Office.

In order to assure that ACC has a highly productive and efficient staff, the Staff Professional Development and Evaluations Office encourages and supports the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills of all ACC staff employees by coordinating and providing the highest quality professional development opportunities for staff.

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