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  • Change of Employee Information
  • Educational Incentive
  • Faculty Contract / Longevity
  • Incorrect Faculty Assignment
  • Post a Position
  • Review of Personnel Records
  • Termination Process
  • Transcripts
  • Tuition Voucher
  • Verification of Employment **
  • W-4, I-9 Forms
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Unemployment Claims

All Unemployment Claims received should be forwarded to HR RECORDS for processing.

Send to:

5930 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, TX 78752

Change of eTime Supervisor

Full-Time Faculty and Staff Employees

Only the current Supervisor can request that the eTime supervisor be changed. An email should be sent to the HR Records Manager and should include the Employee's Name and the New Supervisor's name.

Hourly Employees

Supervisor changes requests are made through the P.A. System. Both the Supervisor and PA Creator (Add User) can make the request by selecting the Change Supervisor link under the Administration menu.

Requisition to Advertise Vacant Positions

Non-Faculty Staffing Table Positions

To post/advertise a Non-Faculty Staffing Table position, an Employment Requisition Form needs to be submitted through the ACCeHire system. This form needs to be made available by the SR HR Specialist before the hiring supervisor can login and complete the form. The form will be generated through the ACCeHire system when one of the following happens:

Tuition Vouchers

Voucher Guidelines

  1. Tuition vouchers are only for Staffing Table employees, Full-Time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.
  2. Access online tuition voucher
  3. Full-time staffing table employees are eligible for three (3) vouchers after 6 months of employment. Part-time staffing table employees are eligible for two (2) vouchers after 6 months of employment.

Faculty Longevity

  • Faculty Longevity refers to the total years of teaching experience at ACC based on longevity credit.
  • Faculty can only receive up to 1 year of longevity credit per fiscal year. Each semester is worth .50 of longevity credit with 1 year being the maximum.

History of Faculty Longevity

Faculty Credential Files

The HR Records department maintains all Faculty Credential Files. Please contact one of the HR Records staff for questions about the SACS Credential Files.

Faculty Agreements

Adjunct Faculty and Overload Agreements

Adjunct Faculty and Full Time Faculty Overload Verifications forms previously mailed are now available in on-line services and are generated based on the information entered from the departments.

Beginning fall 2011, the verification will no longer be sent to the address on file and will only be available through on-line services.

The verification form is located at the On-Line Services Web Page in both the Faculty and Employees box for your convenience.

Full-time Faculty Conditions of Employment

Full-Time Faculty (Teaching)

  1. I agree to abide by all policies, procedures, and regulations of Austin Community College.
  2. I agree to report to work on 8/20/18 for the fall semester and 1/14/19 for the spring semester.
  3. I agree to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position of full-time faculty.

Salary Supplement for Department Chairs

Please contact HR Records if you have questions about up to date information regarding Salary Supplement for Department Chairs.