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Security Management: Questions and Answers

Why do I need an employee identification card?

To enhance the level of safety and security on all campuses, ACC distributes Employee Identification Cards to all employees. Each identification card will have a photo of the employee on the front. The back of the ID will have an electronic strip with information containing the staff ID number, library bar code data, and the card issue number.


Problems with keys, doors, locks, access cards or card readers?

Submit an online work order request.

Electronic Access Card Reader Lock and Unlock Classroom Procedures

Please click on the link to an instructional video that demonstrates how to keep your classroom unlocked for the duration of the class. The video will also demonstrate how to lock your classroom once class is over.

Electronic Access

Employee ID Information

Upon employment, you should be issued an Employee ID card through the HR Department at Highland Business Center. In the case that it is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement. 

ACC Employee ID cards can be programmed for electronic access.  ACC employees that require electronic access may be granted access upon appropriate approval(s). 

Electronic Access

Please read below for important information and instructions to request electronic access. 

Key Requests

In order to request a key:

ACC Employees: Please fill out the Key Request form and obtain the appropriate signatures.


To request access to a specific location, please locate the campus you are requesting access to and click on the form link. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the forms below.

1. Complete and sign the form.
2. Have your supervisor sign the form.
3. Send the form to the Campus Manager of the campus you are requesting access.
4. Depending on the control areas you are requesting further approval may be required. Please see the form for further information.

Contact Us


Ross I. Greves, CPP
Director, Security Management
Office:  512-223-7273


Alisha Aguilar-Lopez
Administrative Assistant III
Office:  512-223-7272

Security Management

Mission Statement

The safety of Students, Faculty, Staff and the security of physical assets of the Austin Community College District form the foundation of the Security Management Department. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning/working environment for the students, staff, and visitors of Austin Community College, as well as protect district facilities and assets.