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Accepting applications for the 2013-14 cohort starting November 1, 2013. Classes start January 2014.

Teacher Certification If you want to make a difference and serve your community, consider teaching. Our youth need positive role models, adults who care and will take children from reality to reaching their potential. Although teaching is a rigorous career, the enjoyment gained from seeing a child "get it" is a unique experience. Austin Community College's Teacher Certification Program offers certification in 20 months, including a paid internship as a first year teacher, at first year pay. Approved and accredited by the State Board for Education, the program began with the first cohort in 2004-2005. All applicants must have a bachelor's degree with coursework required by the state of Texas.

Approved, currently offered certifications include:

Certifications available by District Request Only for:

  • Science Composite ( 8-12) ~ Math Composite (8-12) ~ Generalist (EC-6 and 4-8) ~ ESL (EC-6, 4-8) ~ American Sign Language


Program length is 20 months. Once accepted by September, participants observe and tutor for 16 hours in area classrooms, complete an online TExES Preparation Course, attend a December Orientation, begin EDTC 3000 in January, take the Summer Institute in June, take EDTC 3004 during the paid internship (August - November), and finish with EDTC 3005 as an online spring research class. Successful completion of coursework (with an 80 or higher) and internship in May results in Standard Certification at that time.

Required Coursework & Exams

See coursework requirements and calendar for specific attendance days and times.

You may take the PACT (Pre-admission Content Test) before being approved for the program. Contact ETS to take the exam, and send scores to our department. Take the TExES preparation course so that you are ready for this unusual test that combines content and pedagogy how to teach principles!


Students pay as they go, with a total paid to ACC of $5200. Fees must be paid by deadlines. Exceptions are for EDTC 3000, one course that can be paid out on an ACC Tuition Installment Payment Plan. Extra fees will be due for exams, textbooks, fingerprinting, and certification fees @ $800. If you intern out of the ACC district, you will be expected to pay an additional $250 for supervision expenses. A $25 late fee will be assessed if fees and tuition are not paid by the end of the month that they are due.

Fees paid directly to others:

    • $ 15 - Parking permit (ACC Continuing Education)                           
    • $235 - Textbooks
    • $565 - Exams (ETS) & Certification fees (probationary & Standard)

Financial Aid: The College Access Loan is available for Alternative Teacher Certification students. For more information, contact (512) 223-7649 or tlc@austincc.edu.

Application Process

After studying the information on this web page, you can determine if you meet requirements. If you need more information regarding coursework, contact our office for an appointment.

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