Video Game Development

- Industry Support-

The industry support for the Video Game Development program come from large studios, small studios, development firms and independents across the Greater Austin area. These industry professionals have years of experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. They bring a wealth of every day real world experiences to the classroom. They will enable students to understand the real demands of the industry, not just an academic perspective. The staff will provide instruction, mentor Capstone projects and/or evaluate Capstone projects. Additional professionals are continuing to join the team to help students prepare for this fast paced industry.

Bill Louden Peer Forward Games
Eric Peterson Fever Pitch Studios
Dallas Dickinson Caliber Games
Paul Trowe Pulse Interactive


Programming   Art  
Tony Bratton
Junction Point Studios

Andrew Collins

Bob Pendleton Game Programmer Bren Wilson NCSoft
Ken Demarest Stormfront Studios Randy Polk Meta3D Studios
Jay Lee Trion World Network Al Nelson Sony Online Entertainment
Francine Hunter Survivorsoft Rhett Bennatt Aspyr
Mike McShaffry MrMike Doug Prince NCSoft
Jeff Dobson Sony Online Entertainment Bernadette LaCarte Sony Online Entertainment
Justin Randall Independent Keith Kritselis Austin Community College
Jason Hughes Steel Penny Games Alan Pickett Sony Online Entertainment
Jesse Spears SpearSoft Damon Waldrip
Red Fly
Mark Kreitler Sony Online Entertainment Victor Meinert NCSoft
Troy Gilbert Mockingbird Games Jake Rogers Spacetime Studios
Tim Perry 2K Games Carl Canga Independent
Brett Butler Public Games Johnathon Vought RadioActive Labs
Adam Hunter Planet Moon Studios Vernon Reed Independent
Marc Majcher Enspire Learning Garry Gaber Escape Hatch Entertainment
Tom Gambill NCSoft Derek Robinette Independent
Anthony Palomba Austin Info Systems Danny Matson Edge of Reality
Brian Urbanek XL Games Scott Jones Independent
Gabe Farris Junction Point Studios Don Alexander Total Immersion
Kain Shin Red Fly Thomas Jung Stray Bullet Games
Chris Norden Fastlane Games Rob Hauch Roadkill Dynamo Productions
Michael Agustin Gendai Games    
Evan Bell Pogo    
Ted Chauviere Amaze Entertainment    
Aaron Walker Retro Studios    
Steve Brumley Midway    
Ryan Smith Sony Online Entertainment    


Design   Production  

Damion Schubert

Bioware Billy Cain
Critical Mass Interactive
Jeremy Gibson Digital Mercenaries Mike McShaffry MrMike
Al Nelson Sony Online Entertainment Ken Demarest Stormfront Studios
Dan Rubenfield Sony Online Entertainment Al Nelson Sony Online Entertainment
David Chang Sparkleworks Aaron Thibault Gearbox Software
Martin Galway Certain Affinity Eric Peterson Fever Pitch Studios
Thomas O'Leary Independent Starr Long NCSoft
Sarah Paetsch Independent Rhett Bennatt Aspyr
Keith Kritselis Austin Community College Wes Jenkins Wesdotcom
Sheldon Pacotti Independent Kevin Gliner Knockabout Games
Carly Staehlin Carly Staehlin Design Lori Durham Aspyr
Jonathan Hanna Turbine Brett Butler Public Games
Paul Sage NCSoft Vernon Reed Independent
Ricardo Bare Midway Martin Galway Certain Affinity
George Sanger Fatman Andy Bruncke NCSoft
Rick Kelly Audio Animal Stretch Williams Independent
Brett Butler Public Games Jennifer Bullard Independent
Spencer Zuzolo GameCamp! Dallas Dickinson Caliber Games
Sheri Graner Ray Sirenia Consulting Mike Bispeck Independent
Kai Steinmann Sony Online Entertainment Ben Katz Enspire Learning
Brian Urbanek Blizzard    
Lee Ridout NCSoft    
Daniel Erickson Bioware    
Tom Hall Tom Hall Designs    
Susan O'Connor Stories for Games    
Todd Bailey NCSoft    
Rhea Shelley Kingsisle Entertainment    
Harvey Smith Arkane Studios    
Janus Anderson NCSoft    
Vernon Reed Independent    
Brandon Reinhart Spacetime Studios    
Pete Warner Bioware    
David Bowman Certain Affinity    
Sam Johnson Stray Bullet Games    
Dave Rickey Orbis Games    
Mike Clopper Certain Affinity    
Dallas Dickinson Caliber Games    
Thomas Reid Kingsisle Entertainment