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What is Globalization?

The terms globalization, internationalization, and localization refer to the process of altering software products, documentation, websites, and other collateral material for people who speak foreign languages or consitute a specific cultural group with a larger language community.

The terms are often abbreviated as G11n, I18n, L10n, with the intervening number refering to the number of letters between the first and last of each word. You may also see "translation" abbreviated Tr8n, and all four terms together abbreviated as GILT.

While each term is used to refer to different parts of the process, Austin Community College uses the word "localization" to encompass the totality of the field.

Localization places heavy demands on companies, and requires strategic planning, complex project management, code writing, translation, and use of unfamiliar software tools. It includes such considerations as time and date formats, decimal separators, concatenation issues, and all the items and processes necessary to transition a product and its collateral material from US-specific to the target market.

Localization has historically been associated with the software industry but is now recognized as a necessary activity in a wide variety of industries - from manufacturing to data processing - and a wide variety of career areas, such as sales, marketing, accounting, documentation, and programming, to name a few.

What courses are offered?

Austin Community College has an outstanding program leading to a certificate as a Localization Generalist certified by many leading companies such as Pervasive Software, Lionbridge, Inc., Bridge360, Common Sense Advisory, Hewlett-Packard, IBM/Tivoli, Client Side News and McElroy Translation. Any nine of eleven courses are required to earn the certificate.

The ACC Localization Advisory Board manages the requirements for the ACC Localization Generalist Certificate. The board members represent companies across the industry and geographic spectrum:

Dr. Timothy Altanero
Austin Community College
Renato Beninatto Milengo Inc.
Shaun Daggett Translations International
Brenda Hall Bridge360
Jean-Luc Mazet HP
Shelly Orr Priebe Priebe & Associates
Jessica Rathke Jonckers Translation & Engineering
Bob McGoldrick Austin Community College
Deb Webb COMSYS Information Technology Services

Those not seeking a the Localization Generalist certificate may take individual courses from our 11 general offerings in addition to our condensed 3-day summer program held in Austin in cooperation with the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Courses are offered online at times convenient to students. All courses are 8 hours in length, usually 2 hours per "live chat", twice a week, over two weeks. There are no "self-study" options - every course is taught in a "live" environment (chat room, teleconference, etc.) by an active professional in the localization field. Courses have a maximum enrollment of just 10 students, giving you the opportunity to know your classmates and your instructor to maximize the learning experience.

The faculty represents an unusually broad range of instructors from many different areas of expertise from several continents. Because we normally teach online, our instructors are some of the best known in the industry - from Austin to San Jose, Ireland to Argentina. That diversity is also represented among your fellow students. We have enrolled students from the local area (of course) but also from Singapore, Italy, France, Brazil, and Portugal, to name a few.

The program has been featured in Localisation Ireland, Multilingual Computing & Technology, STC Intercom, and the ATA Chronicle. We have won a Golden Globe Award from LocalizationWorks. Austin Community College is the 2006 winner of the ClientSide Excellence Award in Education.

Students may take individual courses in any order, although for true beginners, the Introduction to Localization course is the recommended starting point. Click here to download our .pdf brochure. For each course completed, an Austin Community College certificate of completion is issued with .8 Continuing Education Units. The courses in the certificate program are listed on the Localization home page.

What courses are online?

Most courses online. For the current schedule, click here.

How do I register?

Registration is fast and easy! Our tuition is also very low, whether you live in Austin, Texas, the USA, or elsewhere. Click here for registration procedures.

How Can I keep in touch?

Easy! Join our Yahoo! group by clicking below. This list is very low volume and is the best way to learn of new developments at Austin Community College.

Who should take these courses?

Anyone with an interest in the field is welcome to register! Whether you are beginning or advanced, Austin Community College has a course or two for you!

Industry professionals such as programmers, IT professionals, accountants, lawyers, technical writers, desktop publishers, software engineers, project managers, marketing professionals, salespeople, graduates with advanced degrees, and translators who work or will be working with international clients will find these courses quite attractive.

Career changers who need the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly global marketplace will find that our courses open new doors, challenge you in new ways, broaden your skill base.

Students of foreign languages, international studies, marketing, business, organizational behaviour, and many other fields who want to apply their skills in a challenging, energetic, and lucrative international environment will find that these courses are intensely applicable to the job market in an area where there is a shortage of professionals.

  • Anyone interested in an international career with a high tech emphasis will find these courses a valuable edge in the marketplace.

    Are there really jobs in this field?

    Yes!  And these jobs pay well.

    Check out the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) career website,

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    Try searching too!

    Where can I get more information?

    You can e-mail Bob McGoldrick, Coordinator ofthe Localization Program. You can also call (512) 223-7662 for more information. Or, you can e-mail Dr. Tim Altanero, Associate Professor of Technical Communication and Program Manager for the Localization Program. You can also call (512) 223-4021 for more information.

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