2014 Summer Workshops

We are still working out final details for some workshops.  I will post them as they are updated.

Workshop FAQ's



ACCTech 2-D Design for Games Workshop

June 10, 12 9:30am to 12:30pm

ACC Northridge, Room 3134

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**Required for articulation

The workshop will work through the components of the 2-D Design for games course that will be offered for articulation beginning Fall 2014.

Course Description:

A basic course for beginning game art and game design students wanting to gain knowledge in the creation of 2d game collateral assets.

  • Software used: Photoshop

  • Curriculum Units:

    1 - Sprites

      • Uses

      • Static

      • Animating

    • 2 - Textures

      • Tiling Textures

      • Hand-Painted UV Maps

    • 3 - UI (User Interface)

      • In-Game HUD (Heads Up Display)

      • Menus

    • 4 - Mockups

      • Layout

      • Art Asset Placeholders

      • Art Asset Placement

      • Size notation

      • Screen UI Safe Zone notation

  • Student Evaluation:

    • Tools

    • Design

ACCTech Electronics Workshop

June 12, 13 9am to 4pm (Lunch break from 12 to 1)

ACC Riverside Campus, Frank Squires Building

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Three hours on each of the four core courses (DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Solid State Devices, and Digital Fundamentals).  Two courses will be covered on each day.  Since ACC has standardized the courses this year, this will be the first time to go over the new course outline and materials with the school districts.  You will be provided a software copy of the material, hands-on training, and answers to any questions you might have concerning articulating Electronics courses with ACC..

ACCTech Radio, Television, & Film Workshop

June 13 9am to 4pm (Lunch break from 12 to 1)

ACC Northridge Campus, Room 4142

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**Required for articulation

ACCTech Animation Workshop

June 16, 17, 18 9am to noon

ACC Northridge Campus, Room 3132

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**Required for articulation

An overview of basic animation techniques including timing, squash and stretch, anticipation and secondary action.

ACCTech Automotive Workshop

June 17 8am to 5pm

ACC Rioverside Campus, Room 4201

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Snap On will come in for the first four hours to provide diagnostic training. After lunch, one of our instructors, Henry King, will provide an additional four hours of automotive training, specifically automobile computer programming/reflashing.

ACCTech Welding Workshop

June 17, 18, 19 8am to 4pm

Jack C. Hays Welding Shop

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ACCTech Child Development Workshop

June 23 9am to 4pm

ACC Eastview Campus, Room 8341

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Topic: How to Help Students Understand Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

ACCTech Photoshop Workshop

June 24, 26, 27 9am to 4pm (Lunch break from 12 to 1)

ACC Northridge Campus, Room 4269

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Workshop will center on a Movie Project with 3 components, Poster, Grayscale, and Web Splash page. Students will be provided images, and basic instruction on selections and adjustments as to creating composite compositions.


Concepts covered will be selection and masking techniques, resolution, adjustment layers, type, layer styles, blending modes and paths/vectors. Grayscale image will be from the Movie post using Black-n-White adjustment, Levels and conform to the specifications of a newsprint publication. Web Splash will cover the conversion of vertical composition to horizontal.


Final overview of and presentations for each project will be given by each student with an explanation of how it was created time permitting.

ACCTech Criminal Justice Workshop

June 25 9am to 4pm (Lunch break from 12 to 1)

ACC Highland Business Center, Room 103.2

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ACCTech Hospitality Workshop

June 26 9am to 4pm

ACC HBC, Room 103.2

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This workshop will cover three specific areas, customer service, front office and career planning.

Customer service is an essential element of hospitality and ‘give em the pickle’ is a great resource in disseminating the purpose and need of understanding the customer. Discussion on how the ‘pickle’ impacts the hospitality will be highlighted.

Front office procedures will be covered through an interactive exercise. Understanding how use the MICROS Opera system in the classroom. Together view and discuss one training module within the MICROS Opera system

Finally career aspirations are an integral part of how we plan to achieve and succeed; therefore SMART exercises will explore the planning requirements in achieving both personal and professional goals. This interactive session will illustrate the purpose of identifying goals and give recommendation on how specific planning can develop a self awareness and focus.


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Please email Rebecca Francis at with any concerns your may have or call Rebecca at 512-223-7013.