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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Conferencing System

What is Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Conferencing?

MeetingPlace integrated voice and web conferencing system for the ACC Community. It allows remote meetings to be as productive as face-to face meetings. Share documents, drawings and applications. White board decisions and chat with others in attendance. Collaborate between one or more desktops. You can even record your conferences for others to view.


Cisco MeetingPlace is designed to provide quick access to an in-house conference bridge, thus eliminating the need to contact a conference service provider external to ACC. You may schedule and/or attend a conference call via the web or telephone. A conference bridge enables people to work together without actually being together. Our conference bridge currently supports 10 simultaneous conference calls or a single conference with up to 32 participants.

How does Cisco MeetingPlace work?

To use the Conference Bridge, you must first obtain a User ID and Password from ACC Telecom. Your profile, or User ID, identifies you to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system. It contains your login and password, your phone number and e-mail address so the system can notify you of meetings, and the phone number and web address for accessing your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system. You can even manage your profile on your own.

What is a profile used for?
You use your profile to log into Cisco Unified MeetingPlace. This allows you to schedule meetings and use features that are only available to profiled users.

Your personal profile in the conferencing service database consists of two distinct IDs and corresponding passwords for the two ways to access your profile.

  • User ID & User Password are used to access your personal profile via the PC (web), and schedule meetings via the Web.
  • Profile Number and Profile Password are used to access your personal profile via the phone.

The participants dial a pre-assigned phone number, enter a password, and are prompted to “speak their name”. At the conclusion of the conference, an announcement alerting the participants that the “Conference will terminate in 10 minutes” will be issued.

Cisco MeetingPlace Features.

  • Meet-me style conferencing. Conferees join the conference at a pre-arranged time.
  • Password protected
  • Entry/Exit voice announcement
  • Chairperson command
  • Lock/Unlock conference
  • Forced conferee disconnect
  • Up to 10 simultaneous conference calls

How do I request my User ID and the use of Cisco MeetingPlace?

To request the use of Cisco MeetingPlace and a User ID and password, please fill out the on-line request form. Once your request is received, we will create an account for you and email your User ID, Password, Web link access and instructions for setting up your own conference calls.

Why would you use Cisco MeetingPlace?

The conference bridge has the ability to connect individuals located in Austin , the US , or in another country, as long as one of the conference bridge participants is an ACC faculty or staff member. This member will be responsible for the phone charges to the department. Long distance changes are the responsibilities of the user or department.


If you have questions or would like to discuss this service, please call Jodie Scherer (3-1188) or Donald Wright (3-1255).

Important Note: Cisco VPN Client must be operational in order to access MeetingPlace off campus. VPN software can be obtained by contacting the ACC Helpdesk (3-4357).

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