Transfer Services for Students
Quick Guide to Transfer
If you know where they want to transfer:
  1. Meet with an ACC advisor or counselor and select major
  2. Follow transfer degree plan for intended transfer university
  3. Visit with university representative to learn all requirements for transfer acceptance

If you do not know where they plan to transfer:
  1. Meet with an ACC advisor and counselor and select major
  2. Follow core curriculum to increase the number of hours that will transfer
  3. Participate in ACC Transfer Academy events
  4. Visit and research universities of interest that offer your intended major
  5. Determine when and where you would like to transfer
  6. Meet with an ACC advisor or counselor to determine if there is a transfer agreement with intended transfer university
  7. Follow transfer degree plan

Steps for all students planning to transfer:
  1. Determine whether you need to submit the university’s application or if you should complete the Apply Texas Application and whether there is an application fee
  2. Determine whether an essay or resume is required
  3. Submit application, application fee (if applicable) and all required documentation prior to the university transfer application deadline
  4. All original college transcripts must be submitted with application
  5. Follow up with your intended transfer school to make sure that all documents have been received and application is complete prior to the deadline
  6. Contact the university to verify when they will make a determination on acceptance
  7. Be sure to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible and complete any internal financial aid paperwork prior to the required deadlines