Transfer Services for Students
Transferring Tips

Real tips on transfer from ACC advisors and counselors.

Be sure to follow your transfer degree plan for the intended transfer university.


Meet regularly with an ACC advisor or counselor.


Always have a back-up plan.


Be sure your major is offered at the university where you want to transfer to.


Know the maximum allowable number of transfer credits for the school where  you wish to transfer.


Stand out in the classroom and stay in contact with professors you have enjoyed working with. They're a great resource when you need a letter of recommendation.


Have a friend or instructor read your college application essays and request feedback. The learning labs on campus are great resources.

Know your targeted transfer school's duplicate course policy: some schools may average each grade for the same course, some schools will calculate the second attempt only, and others will take the highest grade earned into consideration.


Be ready to submit original transcripts from EVERY school you've been to and give yourself enough time to have them submitted by the application deadline (this also applies to AP scores). This is important because some courses that ACC may not have accepted for credit may be accepted at your transfer school.


Most institutions will accept College Algebra as satisfying the math requirement. At UT, however, the course will transfer as credit but will not satisfy the math requirement.


Developmental education and ESOL courses do not transfer to other colleges or universities.


Government and foreign language courses should be completed at the same college or university since transferability issues may arise.


Business Calculus I & II (MATH 1425, 1476) are not offered at every college or university.


Calculus I & II (MATH 2413, 2414) rather than Business Calculus I & II are required by some college or universities.


Biology Anatomy and Physiology classes (ACC’s BIOL 2304/2101 & 2305/2102 vs. BIOL 2401 & 2402) should be completed at the same college or university. If taken at ACC, an assessment exam is required prior to registering for the course.


English 1301 & 1302 are required before taking a literature course at ACC. Some colleges and universities do not require ENGL 1302 prior to taking a literature course.


Pre-requisites for similar courses may vary depending on the college or university you plan to attend. Meet with an advisor or consult the course catalog prior to registering for classes.