Grants & Loans Disbursement Schedule

Grants and loans are disbursed beginning the first week of the session/semester, however, due to the high volume of students receiving aid at the same time, it may take 1-2 weeks before you receive your disbursement.  Check Online Services to confirm your disbursement.

Note: Loans are disbursed in two equal payments during a semester. First-time loan recipients have a 30-day delay on the first loan disbursement.

Refunds are processed once your tuition and fees are paid in full.

Summer 2014

Grants & Loan Disbursement - Summer 2014 Sessions
SessionGrants1st Loan Disbursement-
Continuing Recipients
1st Loan Disbursement-
First-Time Recipient
2nd Loan Disbursement-
All Recipients
11 Week May 27-June 6 May 27-June 6 June 26-July 11 July 7-July 18
1st 5.5 Week May 27-June 6 May 27-June 6 June 26-July 11
June 27-July 11
9 Week May 27-June 6 May 27-June 6 July 26-July 2 June 27-July 2
2nd 5.5 Week July 7-July 18 July 7-July 18 Aug 5-Aug 12 Aug 7-Aug 12

Fall 2014

Information will be posted here as soon as it is available.