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Scholarship Disbursement Schedule

Scholarship funds are disbursed the week before classes start. Check Online Services to view your funds. 

Outside scholarships

If you receive an outside scholarship, contact any campus Financial Aid Office to set up your scholarship payment.

Disbursement schedule

Scholarships above $1,000 are disbursed in two equal payments in the fall and spring semesters.

Scholarship recipients starting ACC in spring have their scholarships above $1,000 disbursed in two equal payments in the spring semester and the subsequent summer and/or fall.

Funds apply automatically to your tuition, fees, and books unless your scholarship directs otherwise. Refunds are processed once your tuition bill is paid in full.

Textbook vouchers

When scholarships designate funds for tuition, fees, and books only, you will receive a textbook voucher for any remaining funds after disbursement.

  • Check ACCmail for a textbook voucher notice the week before classes start. The notice will include the voucher’s maximum cash limit and whether supplies are included.

You may use your book voucher at any campus ACC Bookstore. Present your ACCmail voucher notice, ACC student ID card and a copy of your class schedule when making a purchase. 

Voucher guidelines

  • Vouchers cover only required and recommended textbooks for classes in which you are registered.
  • Vouchers cover required supplies only if indicated on the voucher notice.
  • You must pay any charges above the voucher’s maximum amount and any excluded items.

Purchase books in advance and using other retailers

If you choose to purchase textbooks in advance or from a different retailer, you can request a refund if you are eligible for a textbook voucher.

Obtain a textbook refund:

  1. Submit itemized receipts to any campus Financial Aid Office.
  2. Refunds are sent through the ACC OneCard.
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