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1098-T Tax Information

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Austin Community College issues an IRS Form 1098-T to all students who were billed qualified tuition and fees during the previous calendar year.

The Form 1098-T can be used to determine your eligibility for income tax credit.

Note: ACC reports amounts billed for qualified tuition and fees instead of total payments received. Therefore, the amount reported on the 1098-T may not be the amount you would report on your tax return.

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ACC mails the Form 1098-T to your address on file with the college by January 31.  Students can also access their 1098-T by logging into Self-Service.  On the tax information page, consent to view/print your 1098-T in electronic format. You may revoke your consent at any time.

Missing your Form 1098-T?

If you don’t receive a Form 1098-T, confirm that:

  • Your address on file with ACC is correct.
  • You enrolled in classes that are qualified expenses. For example, Continuing Education classes are not qualified expenses.
  • You have provided ACC with a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) issued by the U.S. Government (SSN, ITIN, ATIN, or EIN).

Students with Alternate Social Security Numbers

Please email to request a Form 1098-T.


1098-T: Questions & Answers

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