Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 1301, ITV,
Austin Community College
The Examined Life Video Series

Danney F. Ursery

On-line orientation for the Summer 2013 Semester is Friday May 24 through Thursday May 30. The syllabus will be updated by May 23.

This course will provide an entry into philosophy by introducing you to specific problems and people who have come to define our philosophical heritage as well as those who are presently defining our philosophical future. This is a problem-based course where we look closely at some of the concerns and issues of modern life.

a. to understand the nature of philosophy as both a thinking process and a subject matter.
b. to learn and practice critical reading, thinking, and writing skills.
c. to become familiar with major divisions and problems in philosophy.

a. demonstrate knowledge of and terminology in the philosophical areas of Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Theology, and Social and Political philosophy.
b. identify and discuss particular philosophical themes that emerge in western philosophy and how these themes relate or connect to non-western philosophical views.
c. demonstrate knowledge of some of the major philosophical ideas found in our intellectual tradition: reality, truth, meaning, nature, god, value, human rights, and so forth.
d. demonstrate the ability to analyze philosophical material and to synthesize that material into a clear and understandable essay through the use of philosophical thinking and writing.

TEXTS: The Velasquez book is required and the study guide is highly recommended. Both can be purchased at the ACC Rio Grande Bookstore on 12th Street just east of Lamar Blvd.
Philosophy: A Text with Readings. Manuel Velasquez. Wadsworth Publishing Company, 11th edition, 2011 (the 10th edition is also workable if you are able to match the page numbers from the syllabus to this edition)

Telecourse Study Guide for The Examined Life, Any edition will work. Wadsworth Publishing Company. This can be an excellent study aid in preparation for the exams, but is only recommended

  • Note: Some of the other bookstores often try to sell very old editions of these books at full-price. The official ACC Bookstore which carries to current edition is located at 817 W. 12th Street; the south side of 12th about a block east of Lamar. Their phone number is 512.474-2607.

    Class Information. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the information relevant to the course. I would recommend you printing out the deadlines for the examination and your semester contacts. If you do not log onto the web very often, I would recommend you printing everything. Ignorance of course requirements is no excuse.

    Course Orientation form for Intro. to Philosophy
    If you do not wish to attend the on-campus orientation you may complete the orientation on-line. The last day to complete your orientation, without penalty is Saturday, June 1. Please make note, after this date, you may still take the class, but your final grade will be penalized ten (10) points. Once I receive your orientation information I will respond back usually within two to three business days. Your orientation is not final until you have received my reply. Please retain my reply for your records.

    Weekly Class Reading Assignments.
    Weekly Video Schedule, Summer 2013.
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    So, What is Philosophy
    Please read this information before beginning the first set of assignments.
    Tips for Understanding Philosophy
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