The Capstone Project

In the final course of the Webmaster Certificate Program, you'll develop a real website that demonstrates the range of skills and abilities acquired during the program. You'll work with an ACC Webmaster Program faculty member who will act as a mentor during the project.

The finished website will employ the best technical practices you learned in the program, exemplify a professional level of design and usability, and reflect well upon you and the Webmaster Certificate Program (this site will serve as one of your portfolio pieces that you show to potential employers, and we want you to look good!).

When to start

Students start building their portfolio website in the first required class (World Wide Web Authoring and XHTML). Students who place out of Introduction to World Wide Web Authoring and XHTML MUST create their portfolio home page BEFORE starting other Certificate classes. It is the student's responsibility to request a web account from the coordinator.

Student responsibilities

Mentor responsibilities

Capstone approval

After the mentor submits the site and the Webmaster Program Committee approves it, the Program Coordinator will notify the student and issue the Webmaster Certificate. The site will be linked on our page of Capstone Websites.