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Weekend College

Think it's impossible to fit college into your busy schedule? Think again...Think ACC's Weekend College!

ACC Weekend College is designed to allow students to complete a college degree, certificate or the transferable core curriculum while attending classes only on weekends.

The "weekend only" schedule of coursework enables students to fulfill career and family responsibilities while concurrently completing a degree, a certificate or the transferable core curriculum.

ACC Weekend College students benefit from quality instruction, on-campus classrooms and laboratories, and a full array of support services, all within a structure that complements work hours and family schedules.

Degrees Currently Available: ACC Weekend College students can currently complete an associate degree or certificate in a variety of areas (listed below). A new student entering one of the designated programs of study, with no previous college credit, can ordinarily complete an associate degree or the transferable core curriculum courses within seven semesters, or a certificate within two – four semesters.

Associate Degrees Offered:

  • Business Administration
  • General Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Speech
  • Physical Science
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching

Certificates Offered:

  • Automotive*
  • Welding*
  • Jewelry*
  • Building Construction*
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology*
  • Visual Communications*
  • Architectural & Engineering CAD*
  • Computer Information Technology – Local Area Networking*
  • Photography – Photographic Artist*
  • Administrative Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Real Estate

*Certificates will be offered initially. Associate degrees may be added when enrollments warrant.

Transferable Core Curriculum Courses

  • English
  • Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Government
  • History
  • Other Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Visual & Performing Arts

Core Curriculum Classes

Note: Some courses with required lab hours may need to be completed outside of the ACC Weekend College time frame.

ACC Weekend College courses are the same high quality ACC courses offered during the week. They are taught by experienced faculty, at the Northridge and Riverside campuses, using existing classrooms and laboratories.

Transferability: Austin Community College has articulation agreements with a number of public and private colleges and universities, thus many programs transfer to a four year college or university and represent the first two years of a baccalaureate degree program. All core curriculum courses transfer to any publicly supported higher education institution in the state. Check ACC's transfer guides for your particular program.

The emphasis in the ACC Weekend College is toward a balance of academic transfer and workforce education programs. Courses are planned so that core curriculum courses are offered each semester. However, some of the major courses might be offered on an alternating semester basis, and not all workforce education courses are offered every semester. See the Weekend College Planning Guides section for information on your particular program.

ACC's Commitment to the Weekend College: The ACC Weekend College is designed to allow students to earn credits toward degrees, certificates, and the transferable core curriculum. Based on public response, the program may expand to include additional degree offerings.

Please visit the ACC Course Schedule for Weekend College listings. 

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