Collaboration, Connection, and Caring (3Cs)

3 Cs Collaboration, Connection & Caring


Austin Community College District is a proud Riverbat community focused on equitable student success. The college is committed to building a supportive environment in which all students and employees can thrive. Creating a positive work culture of collaboration, connection, and caring (3Cs) is a Chancellor's Priority and core to our vision and mission to provide access to higher education, produce a skilled workforce, and ensure our students can reach their academic and career goals.

Each and every employee plays an important role in this work. The 3Cs are a commitment by administrators, faculty, and staff to do their part to create a healthy workplace culture by practicing our core values with a focus on collaboration, connection, and caring. 

3Cs Definitions

Through a series of roundtable discussions held in Spring 2021 comprised of faculty and staff, the college has established the following definitions to help guide our work.

COLLABORATION: Together We will ...

Dimension 1 — Work within and across departments to leverage our collective expertise and strengths to innovate, foster employee growth and development, and support student success. 

Dimension 2 — Actively listen to the ideas and concerns of others. Communicate with openness, respond in positive ways that are supportive of other individuals, and strive to find optimal solutions to challenges.

Dimension 3 — Participate in and/or stay abreast of shared-governance activities to achieve the mission and goals of the college.

Dimension 4 — Ensure that employees are involved in discussing issues and creating innovative solutions. Supervisors are expected to promote an environment for teamwork.

CONNECTION: Together we will ...

Dimension 1 — Practice diversity, equity, inclusion, and self-reflection in all aspects of our work, interactions, and relationships.

Dimension 2 — Identify and describe connections between daily work and achieving the mission, strategic plan goal, and objectives of the college. Supervisors will facilitate these connections with members of their team.

Dimension 3 — Stay informed and seek information. Supervisors will identify relevant stakeholders and disseminate information about when and how key decisions are made.

CARING: Together we will ...

Dimension 1 — Demonstrate an asset-based commitment to students and their success.

Dimension 2 — Demonstrate social and emotional intelligence in our interactions, particularly when resolving conflict.

Dimension 3 — Approach everyone (peers, supervisors, employees, students, and visitors) with mutual respect, kindness, and professionalism.

Dimension 4 — Exhibit interpersonal support and empathy for the perspectives and circumstances of others.

Dimension 5 — Acknowledge and celebrate others' professional achievements and personal successes.