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Student Advising

Type in a Student ID or Social Security Number and click Submit.


The search will provide you the following information:

Student Advising Information


You can select from Degree Worksheets or Student Degree Audits. 

The Student Degree Audits page allows you to see an evaluation of the students progress in satisfying the requirements of an academic program.

Program Evaluation

For more information on Advising, see the Faculty Training For Advising tutorial.

Next, you may be able to view tranfer information from other institutions (above it states - Institution - Not Available). If the student attended another institution, then there would be a hyperlink for each institution (see example below). When selected, you will be directed to a page with transfer information from that specific institution.

. Institution

You may also want to check out the advising sessions section. You can choose a specific session or add advising comments for specific students.

To view a specific session, select the date to the left of the advisor name (Note: an advisor may only advise one student one time per day otherwise the information will override previous information for the day).

Student Advising Session Info


Click on the "Click here for PDF Form" to get the PDF rendered in the browser (to open up in the browser window).

Rendered PDF

Once you are done viewing the page, select Close Window.


To add advising comments, select Add Advising Comments underneath the specific advisor sessions and enter in the appropriate data.

Add Advising Comments

Once you are finished adding comments, select Submit.

Important: The report that you view in ACC Online Services is not an official document. It is a tracking device provided as an advising tool so that you may track your progress towards your program completion. Only the Admissions and Records Graduation Desk performs official degree audits.  

ACC Policies

Substitutions and Waivers

Substitutions and waivers are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are program specific.  If your Dean or Department Head approved a substitution or waiver for your program, it will not display for a “what if” evaluation.  Substitutions and waivers are program and catalog year specific and must be approved by the Admissions and Records office prior to being posted on your record.  To verify if a form was submitted on your behalf, contact your departmental advisor.  Find your advisor here:

Catalog in Effect

If you select one of your current active programs, the evaluation will be processed using the requirements from the catalog in effect when you entered Austin Community College (unless a change was approved at some point).  You may graduate under any subsequent catalog under which you attended, provided: A) the said catalog is not more than five (5) years old, and B) your particular degree or certificate plan has not been discontinued by the College.  Students needing more information about this policy or needing to request that an evaluation be run for a different catalog (as what-if evaluations cannot be run for your active program in another catalog year at this time) should contact an academic advisor or counselor.

If you select a “what if” evaluation, you will then be taken to a form where you must choose the catalog for which you would like the evaluation run.  For more information, see HELP on the “Choose Catalog” form.

Academic Policies

For additional information regarding graduation requirements, please refer to the Academic Policies section of the online catalog:

Course Descriptions

Full course names and course descriptions may also be found using the online catalog: 

General Education and Core Curriculum Course Listings

In the evaluation report, you may see messages indicating that you must choose from a particular section in the General Education course list (for AAS programs) or the Core Curriculum course list (for AA and AS programs).  For information regarding the courses in these lists, please refer to the Academic Programs section of the online catalog:

At the beginning of the report, you will also see “Institutional Credits” completed as well as “Credits” completed.  “Credits” denotes the number of overall credits you have completed towards this degree plan.  This includes transfer work, AP work, CLEP, etc.  “Institutional Credits” refers to the credits you have taken at Austin Community College.  Remember that at least 25% of the semester hours used in the degree plan must be completed at ACC. 

Any developmental (remedial) courses that you have taken will not appear on the evaluation report as these courses do not satisfy degree requirements. 

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