Chancellor Job Profile

The Chancellor of Austin Community College District serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Austin Community College District under the direction of the publicly-elected governing Board of Trustees. 

1. Board Relations. Policy Development and Compliance.

  • Works with the Board of Trustees in the review of existing policies, development of new policies as needed, and ensuring compliance with all existing policies which guide ACC District's operations.
  • Ensures that ACC District's procedures, guidelines, and training are sufficient to result in compliance with Board Policies.
  • Advises the Board of Trustees on policy development and review.
  • Works with the Board of Trustees to prepare a Strategic Master Plan, including academic, facilities, and operational components.
  • Submits annual updates to the Strategic/Master Plan and an annual budget for review and approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the adoption of instructional programs and other educational and community services.
  • Works with the Board of Trustees in developing and implementing legislative and institutional advancement strategies.
  • Provides executive leadership in the development and achievement of the vision and goals of the college's Student Success Initiatives.
  • Ensures compliance with all District, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and other specialized program accreditation agencies, and local/state/federal statutes relevant to the operations of the District.
  • Communicates with the Board of Trustees to ensure they are informed about issues that affect governance, internal issues that may become media issues and that board members can champion.
  • Provides a timely flow of information to the Board of Trustees for specific information.
  • Creates a climate of trust and honest communications.

2. Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Resource Allocation.

  • Ensures strategic plans encompass technologies and innovation for the future.
  • Ensures sound fiscal practices and expands the fiscal resources of ACC District.
  • Ensures alignment and integration of the Strategic/Master Plan with college operations and the annual operating budget.
  • Administers the budget, including all Capital Improvement Programs and acquisition of real property as authorized by the Board of Trustees, in a transparent and effective manner.
  • Creates, maintains, and shares with the Trustees a communication plan for community outreach and engagement on issues that affect the public.
  • Directs the ACC Foundation, in cooperation with the Foundation Board of Directors, in the achievement of its strategic plan.

3. District Operations Leadership.

  • Ensures that administrative personnel, faculty, and staff are aware of ACC District policies, procedures, and strategic goals.
  • Ensures that leaders within the organization are well-trained and provided with the data necessary to support decision-making in alignment with ACC District's goals.
  • Models and sustains effective Servant-Leadership and Shared Governance practices, which enhance the achievement of the Strategic/Master Plan goals of the institution.

4. Academic and Student Success.

  • Evaluates student retention, persistence, and completion on a regular basis.
  • Ensures that faculty and staff have the data needed to assist in formulating improvement plans and strategies.
  • Partners with educational institutions, community organizations and agencies, and employer partners to improve student support, degree/certificate achievement, continuing education, university transfer/baccalaureate completion, and employment.
  • Develops and shares plans with the trustees to increase enrollment in all areas.
  • Promotes an evidence-based culture of accountability and implementation of best practices, innovation, and continuous quality improvement of instruction and student support services.

5. Faculty and Staff Leadership and Management.

  • Develops and sustains a high-performing executive leadership team.
  • Ensures effective employee recruitment evaluation and professional development processes are in place.
  • Promotes and sustains a healthy institutional climate of mutual respect and quality high standards of performance for all faculty and staff in achieving high levels of student success across all cohort groups.

6. Community, Business, and Industry.

  • Ensures that through sound and collaborative partnerships, the needs of higher education and ISD partners, as well as business, industry and community partners are met and continuously maintained.
  • Represents the college to external agencies and organizations.
  • Partners with the ACC District Board of Trustees on key community meetings and events.

Attributes & Experience

The successful candidate must be a person of vision and integrity, who fosters openness, trust, and confidence within the college and the community at large. This person must have a commitment to the community college movement and the ability to create and advance the vision and Strategic Plan goals and priorities of the college.


The following attributes are important for the next Chancellor of Austin Community College: 

  1. Clear understanding of the role of the Board of Trustees and a commitment to having an effective and transparent working partnership with ACC Board of Trustees.
  2. Commitment to student access and success, while serving diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning communities. Have demonstrated results to show the effectiveness of actions.
  3. Proven ability to build a culture of collaboration to ensure broad consensus regarding the direction of the college.
  4. Effectively communicate to the college`s various interest parties with divergent perspectives and interests.
  5. Develop and maintain critical partnerships throughout the region and state, including industries, K-12, other higher educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and other career-oriented organizations.
  6. Possess the emotional intelligence and dedication to foster a collegial environment to enhance the college`s faculty and staff morale.
  7. Commitment to ensure that solid evidence/data on student outcomes and the college`s effectiveness are collected and acted upon.
  8. Commitment to improving student access and success by establishing comprehensive wrap around services and support programs.
  9. Build, train, and support effective administrative teams that are accountable and competent.
  10. Commitment to developing a college vision supported by implementing an effective inclusive strategic planning effort.
  11. Cultivate effective relationships with elected officials and governmental agencies.
  12. Work with the community on career and technical education and workforce development programs and initiatives.
  13. Manage large bond projects and execute inclusive facility planning.
  14. Manage large budgets and ensure that the college has sufficient resources into the future for its fiscal health and sustainability.


The following experiences are important for the next Chancellor of Austin Community College: 

  1. Possess a demonstrated record of successful senior leadership, with experience sufficient to warrant the respect and confidence of the college`s wide range of interested parties.
  2. Possess a terminal degree (PhD, EdD, JD).
  3. Experience at a large metropolitan community college is preferred but not required.
  4. Understand the unique strengths and challenges facing a large metropolitanurban multi-campus community college.
  5. Foster a sense of community and belonging to support faculty and staff in achieving the college's mission of student success by being an approachable leader.
  6. Possess a true dedication to the community college mission.