Clery Geography

ACC must disclose the number of reported Clery crimes that occur:

  1. On campus (locations within one mile walking distance from campus are considered on-campus)
  2. On public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus, and
  3. In or on non-campus buildings or property that ACC owns or controls (via written agreement)

Campus maps:

CYP – Cypress Creek Campus
EVC – Eastview Campus
EGN – Elgin Campus
HYS – Hays Campus
HLC – Highland Campus
HBC – Highland Business Center
NRG – Northridge Campus
RGC – Rio Grande Campus
RVS – Riverside Campus
RRC – Round Rock Campus
SGC - San Gabriel Campus
SAC – South Austin Campus

ACC's Clery Geography includes the campuses above and a number of other locations used in support of the institution's educational purposes. Locations come in and out of use. Explore ACC's 2018 Clery Geography (2019 map is in development).