Clery Geography

ACC must disclose the number of reported Clery crimes that occur:

  1. On campus (locations within one mile walking distance from campus are considered on-campus)
  2. On public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus, and
  3. In or on non-campus buildings or property that ACC owns or controls (via written agreement)*

*REPORT Student Travel and Off-Site Activities:

To report non-campus buildings or property that ACC uses via written agreement, use the Student Travel and Off-Site Activities form. Fill out the form for field trips, short stay-away trips, and any other locations where space was reserved. A written agreement can be a reservation form, purchase order, invoice, contract, or even an agreement via email exchange. The use of the location must involve students. Use of space for employee-only events is not reportable.

Campus maps:

CYP – Cypress Creek Campus
EVC – Eastview Campus
EGN – Elgin Campus
HYS – Hays Campus
HLC – Highland Campus
HBC – Highland Business Center
NRG – Northridge Campus
RGC – Rio Grande Campus
RVS – Riverside Campus
RRC – Round Rock Campus
SGC - San Gabriel Campus
SAC – South Austin Campus

ACC's Clery Geography includes the campuses above and a number of other locations used in support of ACC's educational purposes. Locations come in and out of use. Explore ACC's 2019 Clery Geography (2020 and 2021 maps are in development).

Map Disclaimer: The maps are for informational purposes and are only suitable for representing the approximate relative location of on-campus and public property boundaries. They are not generated using on-the-ground surveys. Only selected non-campus locations are shown.

If you have a comment about the map, please email