About the Honda PACT Institute

The Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training) Institute offers state-of-the-art automotive technician training that will enable you to become a Honda- and Acura-certified technician.

The Honda PACT Institute takes the guesswork out of enrollment and gives you a clear path toward your goals. Simply enroll in the institute’s predefined course plan, and you’ll be part of a group of students who progress together. By becoming a Honda- and Acura-certified technician, you’ll qualify to work at Honda and Acura dealerships around the country and earn a very competitive salary.

Why Honda PACT?

If you have the desire to be a part of one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, then we can help you get there. You’ll learn the skills and gain the experience valued by Honda and Acura dealerships.

Our graduates have the opportunity to earn 10 Honda and Acura certifications and at least two certifications through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

As an ACC Institute, you’ll also have the advantages of a community learning environment and receive individual support from experienced faculty mentors.

What the Honda PACT Offers

  • On-the-job experience at Honda & Acura dealerships.
  • Specialized training on Honda & Acura automobiles.
  • Training with special Honda & Acura tools & equipment.
  • Job-based training.
  • Leading industry standard certifications.
  • Advanced career options within Honda/Acura dealerships after graduation.

Classes Held at Riverside Campus

The spring 2020 Honda PACT Institute will meet for classes at the Riverside Campus. Institute courses will be completed in the sequence below.

Fall Semester AUMT 1405
Introduction to Automotive Technology
  AUMT 1407
Automotive Electrical Systems
  ENGL 2311
Technical and Business Writing
  POFT 1171 College to Career Success
 Spring Semester AUMT 1410
Automotive Brake Systems
  AUMT 1416
Automotive Suspension and Steering
  AUMT 2188
Automotive Internship
  MATH 1332
College Mathematics (*May be co-required: NCBM 018 Developmental Math)
 Summer Semester AUMT 1445
Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
  AUMT 2188
Automotive Internship
Fall Semester AUMT 1419
Automotive Engine Repair
  AUMT 2417
Automotive Engine Performance Analysis I
  AUMT 2188
Automotive Internship
  SPCH 1311
Introduction to Speech Communication
Spring Semester AUMT 2437
Automotive Electronics
  AUMT 2413
Automotive Drive Train and Axles
  AUMT 2425
Automotive Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
  AUMT 2188
Automotive Internship

Enrollment Steps

Complete the following steps to enroll in the Honda PACT Institute. Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to an ACC institute.

  1. Complete the ACC Application.
  2. Complete the online Honda PACT Institute Interest Form.
  3. Receive notification of your acceptance.
  4. Register for classes with institute assistance
  5. Meet with your advisor at least once a month to review progress.