ACC Student Course Evaluation

**If you are taken to this page through a "Course Evaluation" or "Evaluation" link in your Blackboard course, you may use "tools" -> "Course Evaluation" to open the survey panel. Contact for additional support or questions. 

Have you done your course evaluation?

You can now have two options to do the course evaluation: (1)use the survey link in the email message from the ACC Faculty Evaluation office or (2) use the Course Evaluation link in Blackboard.

Here's how your course evaluation panel looks like in Blackboard:

student panel

Here's a demo video showing you the student's experience taking course evaluation in Blackboard (no audio). 


Your survey will show up in your Blackboard course or be sent via email at the scheduled time. The course evaluation calendar outlines when the course evaluation period starts and ends by type of session. To prevent overwhelming the system with too many evaluations at one time, Faculty Evaluation staff might add 1-2 days adjustments to this calendar. An email message will automatically be shared with students and faculty when the course evaluation survey is ready.

StartDate of Class EndDate Class Course Duration Course Evaluation Starts Day Course Evaluation Ends Day Results Available to Faculty
9/17/21 9/24/21 1 (1) 09/24/21 Friday 9/28/2021 Tuesday 10/18/2021
10/15/21 10/22/21 1 (2) 10/22/21 Friday 10/19/2021 Tuesday 11/8/2021
10/29/21 11/5/21 1 (3) 10/29/21 Friday 11/2/2021 Tuesday 11/22/2021
8/23/21 9/19/21 4 09/04/21 Saturday 9/12/2021 Sunday 10/2/2021
11/1/21 12/5/21 5 11/13/21 Saturday 11/30/2021 Tuesday 12/20/2021
8/23/21 10/17/21 8 (1) 09/25/21 Saturday 10/10/2021 Sunday 10/30/2021
10/18/21 12/12/21 8 (2) 11/20/21 Saturday 12/7/2021 Tuesday 12/27/2021
8/23/21 10/31/21 10 (1) 10/09/21 Saturday 10/24/2021 Sunday 11/13/2021
9/21/21 12/5/21 10 (2) 11/13/21 Saturday 11/30/2021 Sunday 12/20/2021
8/23/21 11/14/21 12 (1) 10/23/21 Saturday 11/7/2021 Sunday 11/27/2021
9/20/21 12/12/21 12 (2) 11/20/21 Saturday 12/7/2021 Tuesday 12/27/2021
9/7/21 12/12/21 14 11/20/21 Saturday 12/7/2021 Tuesday 12/27/2021
8/23/21 12/5/21 15 11/13/21 Saturday 11/30/2021 Tuesday 12/20/2021
8/23/21 12/12/21 16 11/20/21 Saturday 12/7/2021 Tuesday 12/27/2021
8/16/21 12/12/21 17 11/20/21 Saturday 12/7/2021 Tuesday 12/27/2021

Commonly Asked Questions

Why didn't I see any survey in the Blackboard panel after selecting the "Course Evaluation" link in Blackboard? 

This is likely because the survey is not open yet, please refer to the survey calendar to see if your survey(s) are currently open. If it is during the survey period and you still don't see it, contact Our staff will look into it. 

Why can't I see the pole labels on some questions?

This can be caused by many factors, such as settings on your mobile device. We strongly suggest you switch to another device or browser that shows all of the labels. Most of our questions follow the same pole labels, such as the one listed below. Never shows on the very top, followed by rarely, sometimes, very often, always, and N/A. You can follow the same pattern for the one or two missing labels. 

mobile scale


What do I do if I miss the survey window?

To be fair to all ACC faculty and students, we won't be able to extend the surveys as this change will affect all students in your course and will push back the report to your instructor. In the future, please be more mindful of the survey window. You can also share your feedback directly with the instructor or the department chairs. You can find their contact info in the ACC directory. Thank you for your understanding!


We want to hear from you!

Let us know your feedback on the course evaluation process by filling out this survey. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns at