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Power Your Creativity with Digital Media Arts

Whether your creative calling involves design, communication, performance, or production, ACC’s digital media arts programs help you bring your ideas to brilliant life. You’ll learn to create 3D motion graphics that wow, movies that inspire, and performances that electrify. 

With classes taught by career professionals, ACC’s Arts, Digital Media & Communications area of study offers cutting-edge technology, creative collaborations, and student showcases to prepare you for a career in the digital arts.

Top Arts & Digital Media Programs

Earn a digital arts & media certificate, major in radio television and film, or get a motion graphics degree, depending on your college and career goals. Video game development certifications prepare you for the job market; associate degrees help you transfer to a four-year college. 

Make Art at ACC

Find your voice at ACC. Choose from certificate and associate degree programs, and pick up credits that transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Click Apply to start your creative digital arts journey today.

Credit Programs

  • Art
    • Austin Community College has an in-house art school where you can study ceramics, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and much more. Whether you want to earn a degree or take a few classes to refine your art, we’ve got you covered. Students have access to a fully-equipped studio, where they can experiment with multimedia techniques and materials.

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  • Audio Technology and Industry
    • Interested in producing albums or concerts? Consider studying music business, performance, and technology at Austin Community College. You can learn about the legal aspects of the music industry, get access to state-of-the-art recording studios, participate in an internship program, and more.

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  • Business, Government, and Technical Communications
    • Help make complex ideas accessible to everyone by studying Business, Government, and Technical Communications at Austin Community College. You’ll develop professional writing techniques and practice interpreting administrative rules, scientific principles, government terminology, and more. This program also offers a degree in social media communication.

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  • Communication Studies
    • Employers are always looking for great communicators, who can relay complex ideas and get conversations flowing. The Communication Studies Program at Austin Community College will equip you with the verbal and nonverbal skills you need to listen actively, lead teams, and resolve conflicts. This program provides a great foundation for those wanting to transfer to a four-year college. 

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  • Dance
    • Studying dance allows you to express ideas and emotions that can’t be communicated with words. Austin Community College’s Dance Program offers performance experiences for both beginning and professional dancers. Classes are available in ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation, choreography, dance history, and more.

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  • Drama
    • Discover what it takes to bring a theater production to life by studying drama at Austin Community College. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take the stage or go behind the scenes, while earning transferrable credits. The Drama Program offers classes in movement, voice, auditioning, technical theater, arts administration, and more.

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  • Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics
    • Prepare for a creative, 21st-century career by studying Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics at Austin Community College. This program offers degree and certificate options that can take you far in the local and national job market. You’ll compose, animate, and design video elements, 2D and 3D characters, immersive worlds, and more.

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  • Jewelry
    • Learn to make wearable art by studying jewelry at Austin Community College. ACC’s Jewelry Program provides hands-on instruction in design, fabrication, casting, and repair. Experienced faculty will ensure you have the skills you need to succeed in any corner of the jewelry industry. 

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  • Journalism
    • Responsible reporting has never been more important. Learn the ins and outs of the 24-hour news cycle by studying journalism at Austin Community College. Take classes in writing, reporting, public speaking, photography, and more. Credits transfer to four-year colleges. 

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  • Music
    • What better place to study music or choral performance than Austin Community College? After all, we’re located in and around the Live Music Capital of the World. This program blends music theory and appreciation with private instruction to help take your art to the next level. Upon completion, you’ll be prepared to transfer to a four-year college or conservatory.

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  • Professional Photography
    • Austin Community College’s Professional Photography Program will prepare you for a career of capturing important moments. You’ll have access to expert faculty and the latest digital technology as you learn to master traditional photo composition techniques and essential business skills. This program is award-winning, providing students with tons of hands-on experience.

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  • Radio-Television-Film
    • Learn to create compelling media by studying radio-television-film at Austin Community College. ACC’s in-house production studio offers opportunities for hands-on experience, and coursework covers screen storytelling, creative digital production, and more. The program is led by experts in the field, and RTF credits transfer to four-year universities like UT and Texas State.

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  • Technical Theater
    • Help create the live performances that make Austin an international destination by studying Technical Theater. The program at Austin Community College lets you specialize in make-up artistry and costume technology or scenic construction, lighting, and media technology. Students graduate with the skills they need to land a creatively fulfilling job and credits that transfer to four-year universities.

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  • Visual Communication
    • Help make the things we interact with everyday more appealing and user-friendly by studying Visual Communication at Austin Community College. Classes cover illustration, color theory, design software, UX design, and more. You'll gain the skills you need to land a job in a wide range of promising creative fields. 

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Continuing Education Programs


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Inside this Area of Study

ACC's Arts, Digital Media & Communications programs are housed primarily at ACC’s newest campus in Highland. You work in state-of-the-art facilities with advanced studios, theater halls, and more. At ACC, you work with professional and award-winning faculty and staff using equipment and technology that look and feel like what you’ll experience in the field after graduation.

ACC Area of Study: Arts, Digital Media & Communications
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