Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies

At Austin Community College, students in the Design, Manufacturing, Construction, and Applied Technologies Area of Study receive practical, hands-on training in construction management, manufacturing, HVAC, and more. Explore programs below and see where your skills can take you. 

Develop Skills in Design and Manufacturing

At ACC, you'll learn to use your hands and develop critical thinking skills. 

  • Learn to Weld at ACC. Welding skills open doors across industries. Master the skills that are in high demand in construction, oil and gas, and sculptural art.  
  • Start a Career in Geographic Information Systems. Earn an associate’s degree or certificate in GIS, including a free one-year ArcGIS license, from ACC. GIS training prepares you for the workforce in a growing industry.
  • Gain In-Demand Automotive Skills. Learn high-tech automotive and engine repair with ACC and its automotive partners.
  • Earn Your Bachelor of Applied Technology. ACC offers a Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Build on your work experience or your associate’s degree, and develop practical skills in technology, operations management, and leadership.


Rafael Lopez ACC Architecture Student

Unlocking Success: ACC Student’s Journey to Towering Achievements

The path to reaching new heights in your career isn’t always straightforward. For Austin Community College District (ACC) student Rafael Lopez, it took some building blocks to reach new heights.

“Since graduating, I’ve been able to obtain full-time work in 3D electrical design and have completed design projects for construction efforts all around the country. Locally, I’ve been able to take part in the design and construction of multiple skyscrapers.”

Learn more about ACC's Revit and CAD programs.

Apply to ACC

Our application process is straightforward, and we have advisors to help. Whether you are choosing a degree, certificate, or continuing education program, our advisors will help you choose the program map that is best suited to your career goal.

Credit Programs

  • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing is a $12.5 billion industry, and there are tons of jobs right here in Central Texas. You can get the high-tech skills you need to build everything from microchips to rockets at Austin Community College. ACC’s Advanced Manufacturing Program features industry partnerships with local employers like Samsung Semiconductor, Applied Materials, and Tesla. In our state-of-the-art classrooms, you’ll get hands-on training in computer-aided design, production processes, quality control, electronics, and more.

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  • Agricultural Sciences
    • Help create a more sustainable future by learning ecological farming practices at Austin Community College. ACC’s Agricultural Sciences Program covers everything from soil science to effective marketing. Our 17-acre student farm provides excellent hands-on learning opportunities, whether you pursue a career certificate, associate degree, or university transfer credits.

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  • Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design
    • Learn to draft everything from microchips to skyscrapers in Austin Community College’s Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design Program. You’ll become familiar with software like AutoCAD, Revit, Cadence, Solidworks, and more. Earn a career certificate to enter the workforce quickly and then apply your credits toward an associate degree in a variety of disciplines.

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  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
    • Improve the appearance and functionality of vehicles by becoming an Automotive Collision Repair specialist. Austin Community College’s training program gives you real experience repairing and modifying almost anything with wheels. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to take the I-CAR welding test.

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  • Automotive Technology and Outdoor Powered Equipment
    • Keep vehicles and other machines running smoothly by pursuing a career in automotive technology and outdoor powered equipment. Austin Community College’s training program focuses on engine, drivetrain, brake, suspension, and heating/cooling repair. The associate degree pathway prepares you to take the ASE certification test, while fast-track career certificates help you find a job quickly.

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  • Bachelor of Applied Technology in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    • Advance your manufacturing career with a bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Austin Community College. Gain skills in high-tech manufacturing operations and become a qualified leader in high-demand engineering careers.

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  • Building Construction Technology
    • Central Texas is growing fast, which means studying Building Construction Technology at Austin Community College is a smart choice. You’ll work with the same equipment used at construction sites while learning about framing, roofing, interior/exterior finishing, plumbing systems, and more. Courses also cover management skills such as budgeting, staffing, and resource allocation, so you can become a leader in the field.

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  • Engineering Technology
    • Learn to design, build, and repair high-tech systems by studying Engineering Technology at Austin Community College. Whether you’re interested in robotics, renewable energy, nanoelectronics, or computer manufacturing, ACC can help you meet your career goals. In this program, you can earn a bachelor of applied technology in manufacturing, an associate's degree in engineering techology, or pursue a fast-track option for quick career opportunities. 

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  • Geographic Information Systems
    • Learn to analyze spatial data and create informative maps by studying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Austin Community College. You’ll use industry software to visualize everything you want to know about a place — from its average household size to its most common vegetation.

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  • Geospatial Engineering
    • Study the shape and contour of the Earth’s surface in Austin Community College’s Geospatial Engineering Program. You’ll gain experience in field work, computer aided design (CAD), and survey data processing. Earning an associate degree in this field prepares you to become a surveyor-in-training.

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  • Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology
    • Become a Central Texas hero by studying heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology at Austin Community College. This program prepares you to install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems using the latest industry equipment. You’ll learn about heat transfer, pressure and temperature laws, electrical circuitry, and more. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to take a professional certification exam.

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  • Welding Technology
    • Whether you want to create sculptures or repair pipelines, Austin Community College’s Welding Technology Program can help. You’ll master a variety of techniques including shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and flux-cored arc welding. This program provides hands-on training in blueprint interpreting, fabrication, ultrasonic testing, welding inspection, and more.

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  • Honda PACT Institute
    • The Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training) Institute offers state-of-the-art automotive technician training that will enable you to become a Honda- and Acura-certified technician.

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  • Technician/Pre-Engineering (TPE) Institute
    • The Technician/Pre-Engineering (TPE) Institute has been designed to prepare you for a career as an Electronic Technician and/or Engineer. Upon completion of this one year program, you will have the option to complete the associate degree or apply for the Texas A&M Chevron Engineering Academy or the Samsung or Applied Materials Apprenticeship Program. 

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Continuing Education Programs


Inside this Area of Study

Manufacturing is a $18.5 billion industry in Central Texas, and it continues to expand. ACC and Tesla partnered to launch a new specialized training program. Tesla START Manufacturing provides hands-on learning opportunities for students to work directly with new and advanced technologies such as robotics and control systems to design, build, and maintain cutting-edge machines.

ACC Area of Study: Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies
Start Manufacturing
Tesla Start Manufacturing Program