Liberal Arts

Liberal arts is more than just an education in general knowledge. It is a deep dive into what it means to be human.

As a liberal arts student at ACC, you’ll explore the various branches of knowledge: literature, language, philosophy, and art; psychology and social sciences; and government and economics. In this interdisciplinary area of study, you’ll learn to think critically and write effectively. With an associate degree, you’ll have a solid foundation for transferring to a four-year university.

What is a Liberal Arts Associate Degree?

 The liberal arts area of study comprises a dozen programs, all with the goal of teaching critical thinking about humanity, history, and culture. An associate degree lays the groundwork for a bachelor’s degree and gives students maximum flexibility in achieving their college goals.

Liberal Arts Core Courses

An associate degree in the liberal arts consists of core coursework in critical reading and writing skills, a seminar in the Great Questions, history, and languages. Students also take courses in their major – anthropology, for example, or economics. All told, that’s 60 affordable credits, saving you as much as 70% on college costs.

Planning to Transfer?

Students who plan to transfer to UT, Texas State, or other four-year college or university will find that most if not all of their credits transfer. View ACC’s transfer services and get assistance with mapping out a degree plan that works.

Explore Liberal Arts at ACC

Ready to learn more? Find out how a liberal arts degree is the first step toward meeting your college goals. Visit our program pages below, request information, and click on the apply button. Start your journey today.

Credit Programs

  • Anthropology
    • Explore the evolution of humans and the environment from the first fossils to present day with Austin Community College’s Anthropology Program. You’ll examine the diversity of human experience, histories, cultures, and traditions in every part of the world. Choose from anthropology and archaeology associate degree options. You’ll be prepared to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.

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  • Creative Writing
    • Take your stories to the next level by studying Creative Writing at Austin Community College. You’ll learn about plot structure, effective literary devices, and helpful editing practices. Whether you’re a screenwriter, children’s author, or a genre-bender, ACC has you covered.

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  • Economics
    • Learn the ins and outs of the economy and its impact on individuals, companies, and governments in Austin Community College’s Economics Program. With the support of experienced faculty, you’ll learn theories and concepts of trade, taxes, prices, and monetary policy. After learning how to produce economic forecasts, reports, and business strategies, you’ll be prepared to transfer to a four-year university.

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  • English
    • Prepare for a wide range of careers with skills employers are seeking with Austin Community College’s English Program. You’ll develop skills in writing, literary, grammar, critical thinking, and communication skills, and dive into emerging skills like search engine optimization (SEO) and technical writing. This program helps you develop a strong foundation to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college.

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  • General Studies in Arts
    • Austin Community College’s General Studies of Arts Program provides you the chance to find your passion while completing the foundation of a bachelor’s degree. Faculty and advisors will help you create a course plan to allow you to discover your field of interest to enter the workforce or university transfer. You’ll excel in coursework to become a more critical thinker, capable writer, and problem solver.

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  • Geography
    • Explore the world with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in geography. Through two main branches, human geography and physical geography, you’ll learn the physical processes and cultural experiences that shape our world. Upon completion, you will have the skills and foundation to transfer your degree to a four-year institution.

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  • Government
    • Help shape history and lives by getting your associate degree in government. Austin Community College’s program shows you how facilitating and creating public policy impacts society. You’ll be prepared to transfer with professional knowledge of how humans govern ourselves, how elections work, and how policy is created through dedicated internship programs.

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  • History
    • Historians broaden our understanding of the world by objectively viewing civilizations and our own national and state heritage. Students explore events that shaped the world and examine important historical questions. This path typically leads to a transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year institution. Learn more >
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Develop critical and creative thinking skills through Austin Community College’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Experience faculty help you understand how art, culture, politics, religion, the sciences, and technology intersect. Five diverse degree plans are available -- African and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Mexican American Studies, Global Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. An Interdisciplinary Studies Associate of Arts degree provides students with a transfer pathway to a four-year college or university. 

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  • Mexican American Studies
    • Explore history, literature, art, religion, culture, language, and human experiences with Austin Community College’s Mexican American Studies program. You’ll foster critical intercultural diversity analysis through resources and expert faculty guidance. Students will graduate with skills and an understanding of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. This program provides the skills and foundation to transfer to a four-year institution successfully.

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  • Philosophy
    • What better way to understand yourself, relationships, and the world around you than pursuing an education in philosophy. Austin Community College is only one of a few schools that offer an associate degree in philosophy. You’ll explore methods of contemplation, analysis, and articulation. The Philosophy Program provides the foundation you need to continue your bachelor’s degree studies at a four-year university.

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  • Psychology
    • Austin Community College’s Psychology Program allows you to learn the inner workings of the mind. Through resources and guidance from expert faculty, you’ll graduate with broad knowledge in human behavior and mental process. Students will be prepared to continue studies into healthy and abnormal brain function, language development, and motor skills at a four-year institution.

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  • Sociology
    • Looking for answers on why individuals, groups, and societies do what they do, explore the possibilities with Austin Community College’ Sociology Program. The program has a strong emphasis on social justice as you examine the structural and cultural patterns of human behavior and how society influences our daily lives. Your studies will prepare you for a transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.

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  • World Languages
    • Develop a new, valuable skill for our increasingly connected world by learning a new language. Austin Community College’s World Languages Program gives you a choice of languages for your major. Classes also explore the cultural, political, and historical context of the language. You’ll be ready for immediate opportunities with your new bilingual skills, or continue your education to receive a four-year degree.

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Continuing Education Programs


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Inside this Area of Study

The ACC Honors Program is designed for high-achieving students who want more advanced classes and a chance to connect with close-knit student community. Honors Program provides exclusive learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. Students who complete the program can get priority consideration for admission to specific four-year institutions.

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