Liberal Arts

Liberal arts is more than just an education in general knowledge. It is a deep dive into what it means to be human.

As a liberal arts student at ACC, you’ll explore the various branches of knowledge: literature, language, philosophy, and art; psychology and social sciences; and government and economics. In this interdisciplinary area of study, you’ll learn to think critically and write effectively. With an associate degree, you’ll have a solid foundation for transferring to a four-year university.

What is a Liberal Arts Associate Degree?

 The liberal arts area of study comprises a dozen programs, all with the goal of teaching critical thinking about humanity, history, and culture. An associate degree lays the groundwork for a bachelor’s degree and gives students maximum flexibility in achieving their college goals.

Liberal Arts Core Courses

An associate degree in the liberal arts consists of core coursework in critical reading and writing skills, a seminar in the Great Questions, history, and languages. Students also take courses in their major – anthropology, for example, or economics. All told, that’s 60 affordable credits, saving you as much as 70% on college costs.

Planning to Transfer?

Students who plan to transfer to UT, Texas State, or other four-year college or university will find that most if not all of their credits transfer. View ACC’s transfer services and get assistance with mapping out a degree plan that works.

Explore Liberal Arts at ACC

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