Career Academies

Austin Community College provides students with a fast-track program to become career ready through our Career Academies. Career Academies are a partnership between ACC and employers to increase hiring for high-demand technical jobs. Enroll in a Career Academy and complete the short list of courses to earn entry-level certification recognized by employers. After earning your certificate, you can seek entry-level employment and continue at Austin Community College to complete your education toward an associate degree.

Who can participate?

Students in grades 11 and 12 can participate in programs offered specifically to their grade. 

Grade 11: Information Technology, Pharmacy Technician, Carpentry Specialization, and Electrical Construction.

Grade 12: Phlebotomy and Emergency Medical Technician

Where are classes held & who teaches them?

Classes are held at an ACC campus as a blocked class either Monday and Wednesdays, or Tuesday and Thursdays. Classes are taught by ACC faculty.

Do my credits transfer?

Career Academy classes are intended for workforce entry, not university transfer.

ACC Academy classes lead to an occupational skills award or college certificate program and include an opportunity for a summer internship or apprenticeship in the industry.

Consult your instructional department before taking classes you intend to transfer.

What's the cost?

Tuition and fees for dual credit students are waived for in tax district students for up to 12 courses, after which regular tuition and fees are assessed. Tuition and fees for dual credit student is $150 per course for out of tax district students for up to 12 courses, after which regular tuition and fees are assessed. Textbooks and material fees are not included in the waiver.

Most Career Academy students receive senior year internships

HS Programs Enrollment Guidebook (PDF)

Get Started

  • Contact the Office of College and High School Relations to identify your program of choice.
  • Meet with your high school counselor to review and complete testing requirements.
  • Submit a Career Academy application for your program of interest.
  • Submit an online ACC admissions application.
  • All new, first-time High School Programs students must complete the online orientation and pass the Assessment at the end with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Register, attend, and successfully complete your ACC classes.
  • Continue at ACC to finish your associate degree or transfer credits to another college/university.