School Administrators & Staff

Welcome to a new academic school year with the Dual Credit program! We would like to personally thank all high school counselors and the many high school staff members who spend countless hours assisting students in enrolling in ACC’s Dual Credit program. We appreciate all of your efforts to help your students become ACC students.

Dual Credit provides an outstanding benefit to your students and their families. Students who can take the maximum number of classes allowed and who begin taking classes the summer following the sophomore year, can earn a year of college credit by the time they graduate from high school. For in-district students, this amounts to about $2,000 in direct savings. Out-of-district students can save about $5,000 in college tuition costs.

We hope you will continue to encourage your students to take classes according to their interests and needs, and that you will consider offering ACC classes on your high school campus or expanding your current course offerings. The Dual Credit staff is dedicated to serving you and your students and we are extremely proud of our partnership with you.

In an effort to provide you with a variety of resources to help your students, we have developed this section just for you. We hope that you find it both easy to navigate and beneficial.

Best wishes for a great school year!