A college entrance exam that can be used to satisfy college-readiness assessment requirements.

AR7 Hold
This is a hold that is placed on every student’s record at the end of each term. The purpose of this hold is to ensure that students submit an updated Dual Credit Co-Enrollment form for each semester they plan to enroll in dual credit classes.

Articulation Agreement
Articulation agreements indicate courses that transfer directly from one educational institution to another. Austin Community College has articulation agreements with many area school districts to recognize courses eligible for dual credit or credit in escrow.

Students are admitted and registered in more than one educational institution, in this case, Austin Community College and the student's high school.

College credit awarded to students who have successfully completed high school-to-college tech-prep courses identified in articulation agreements with Austin Community College.

Dual Credit
College courses that may count for both high school and college credit upon successful completion.

Dual Credit Program
An ACC program which encourages high school students to gain college course work (dual credit, co-enrollment, or ACC Tech) while still in high school.

Dual Credit Co-Enrollment Form
This is the form that is obtained from your high school counselor that must be submitted every semester to enroll in dual credit/college classes.

Federal guidelines that restrict the contact and communication that parents may expect with college staff. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) limits access to a student’s records including academic progress, grades, class attendance, and communication with a student’s professor.

A college entrance exam that can be used to satisfy college-readiness assessment requirements.

The Texas Success Initiative is a state law that requires all students be assessed before enrolling in a public college or university, for math, reading, and writing readiness.

TSI Assessment
A computer-based TSI-approved assessment that can be administered to students to determine if they are college ready. The TSI Assessment was implemented in Fall 2013 and is used by, and accepted at, all Texas public institutions of higher education.