Staff Contacts

The Office of College and High School Relations is dedicated to helping you serve your students. Our mission is to enable high school students to experience college and explore potential careers. We engage them in an environment that provides guidance for college success, real-world experiences for workforce mastery, and support to ensure credential realization.

Please contact us for information regarding deadlines, applications, and more.

Staff Contacts

Office of College and High School Relations

Contact Email Phone Title
General Inquiries 512-223-7066  
Mison Zuñiga   Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
Eva Ruiz 512-223-7063 Executive Assistant

High School Programs, Operations

Contact Email Phone Title
Naomi Garza   Manager
Angela Gosc 512-223-7066 Administrative Assistant
Tanya Riddick 512-223-7066 Administrative Assistant

High School Programs, Enrollment & Partnerships

Contact Email Phone Title
Jason Snachez   Interim Director
Eva Ruiz 512-223-7063 Interim Administrative Assistant

High School Articulations

Contact Region Email Phone Title
Rebecca Robinson-Francis All 512-223-7013 Coordinator, P-16
Zachary Denton North 512-223-5793 Manager
Leanne Jacobs North 512-223-4895 Coordinator
Talisia McHugh North 512-223-2190 Coordinator
Shaun Fernando North 512-223-4895 Coordinator
Veronica Castillo South 512-223-9349 Interim Manager/Coordinator
Tina Carver South 512-223-6345 Coordinator
Ruben Cruz South 512-262-6678 Coordinator

High School Career Programs

Contact Email Phone Title
Natalia Almanza 512-223-9501 Manager
Kenneth Franklin 512-223-7066 Career & Job Readiness
Sabrina Zertuche   Career & Job Readiness

High School Programs, Academic Success

Contact Region Email Phone Title
Melissa Biegert, Ph.D.   Director, HS Programs
Academic Success
Yvette Flores 512-223-7057 Administrative Assistant
Devon Miller North-East 512-223-7463 Manager
Trinity Bouldwin North-East 512-223-2091 Coordinator
Melissa Reyna-Zuniga North-East 512-223-6289 Coordinator
Destinee Wells North-East 512-223-4000 Coordinator
Shaunyale Canada South-West 512-223-9341 Manager
Adrian Ruiz South-West   Coordinator
Christopher O'Donnell South-West   Coordinator
Tikki Watson Harris South-West   Coordinator

Career Scholars Program

Contact Email Phone Title
Stephen Clifton 512-223-9465 Director
Aubony Alonzo 512-223-2622 Coordinator
Chelsa King 512-223-9425 Coordinator
Marie Trzeciak 512-223-2545 Coordinator

Upward Bound Program

Contact Email Phone Title
Trissi Johnson 512-223-7685 Director
    512-223-7061 Administrative Assistant
Terence McCrea 512-223-7061 Supervisor
    512-223-7061 Northeast ECHS, Advisor
    512-223-7061 Travis ECHS, Advisor
    512-223-7064 Travis ECHS, Advisor