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Engineer a Bright Future

Get a head start on your Texas A&M engineering degree by applying for the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at Austin Community College. Offered in partnership with Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering, this unique program offers students an opportunity to pursue an engineering degree while co-enrolled at Texas A&M and ACC.

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Why the Academy?

The Texas Workforce Commission projects a 25 percent growth in engineering jobs statewide in the next decade. According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, demand for engineers in Central Texas is expected to reach 4,840 by 2022. In response to this anticipated growth, Texas A&M and ACC created the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC. Supported by Chevron, the Academy provides talented students an opportunity to pursue their engineering degree in a co-enrollment program between Texas A&M and ACC.

What the Academy Offers You

  • Admission to the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University-College Station from day one.
  • An opportunity to take Texas A&M engineering courses from Texas A&M faculty on the ACC Highland Campus (HLC).
  • An opportunity to join a community of Engineering Academy peers by taking math, science and engineering courses with other Engineering Academy students.
  • An opportunity to participate in student activities and organizations at both institutions.
  • The most secure and most affordable 4-year pathway to a Texas A&M Engineering degree.

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Saad Eways
Professor, Science, Engineering, & Math

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Monday, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Thursday, 3 p.m. -  4 p.m.

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