Meningitis Compliance Steps

If the meningitis law applies to you, you can register and pay for classes while you complete the requirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students who are enrolled in any courses that require in-person class meetings or other in-person requirements such as testing, faculty meetings, tutoring, computer lab access or any other on-campus activities must be in compliance with the meningitis immunization requirement prior to the first class meeting.

Compliance Deadlines

  • Fall
    • Fall 2022: Aug 22-Dec 11

      Fall 2022 Semester Deadlines
      If you register between: You must be in compliance by 5:00 p.m. on:
       Fall 2022
      May 16 - August 15  
      August 16-August 23  
      August 24-September 12  
      September 13-September 20  
      September 21-October 10  
      October 11-October 18  

      August 15  
      August 23  
      September 12  
      September 20  
      October 10  
      October 18  
  • Spring
    • Spring 2023: Jan 17-May 14

      Spring 2023 Semester Deadlines
      If you register between: You must be in compliance by 5:00 p.m. on:
      October 17 - January 9 January 9
      January 10 - January 18 January 18
      January 19 -February 6 February 6
      February 7 - February 14 February 14
      February 15 - March 13 March 13
      March 14 - March 21 March 21
  • Summer
    • Summer 2023: May 30-Aug 6

      Summer 2023 Semester Deadlines
      If you register between: You must be in compliance by 5:00 p.m. on:
      April 3 - May 22  May 22
       May 23 - May 31 May 31
      June 1 - June 26 June 26
      June 27 - July 5 July 5

Ways to comply with law

You may choose to:

  • Submit proof of vaccination within the last five years; or
  • Opt out of the vaccine by submitting an exemption form based on medical reasons or conscientious objection.

Document instructions

Vaccination records & medical exemptions

To submit vaccination records or medical exemptions:

  1. Login to MyACC with your ACCeID.
  2. Click on the red notifications alert, or go to Registration & Payments > My Status and Holds
    MyACC Notificaitons Alert
  3. Under Active Restrictions, look for Health Records Compliance. This is the meningitis law hold. You will not see this hold unless the law applies to you.
  4. Click the Immunization requirement link in the Removal column.
    HRC Hold
  5. You will be taken to a page titled "Complete your meningitis compliance requirement here". Click the link labeled "Click here to complete the steps for this requirement".
    Complete steps requirement
    You will be taken to a pre-populated form page on the Magnus Health Portal. Fill in the missing required fields and click Next Step to create your account at Magnus Health.
    Create an account at Magnus Health
  6. Check your ACCmail for the Magnus Health login information.
  7. Go to Magnus Health.
  8. Log in to the website using the username and temporary password in your email.
  9. Create a new password to obtain instructions and access your Magnus barcode cover sheet. This barcode cover sheet must accompany your shot record.
  10. Scan and upload, fax, or mail your vaccination record Magnus Health. 

    If you fax or mail your immunization record or exemption form you must include the barcode coversheet for account verification. The coversheet is not required if you login to your Magnus account directly and upload your document there.

  11. All notarized exemption forms must be mailed; no faxed or uploaded copies will be accepted.  
  12. Magnus health information specialists will review your documents and notify ACC of their approval. Your hold will be removed with ACC within two to three business days of approval. If your documents are rejected by Magnus, you will receive an email with the the details. 

Conscientious objection exemption

A printer is required to submit the conscientious objection steps:

  1. Go to the state’s online meningitis requirement exemption form.
  2. Fill out and print the exemptions certificate. DO NOT sign it.
  3. Bring the certificate and your official photo ID to any campus Admissions & Enrollment Office 
  4. Sign and submit the form in the Admissions & Enrollment Office. Your student hold will be removed immediately upon completion when you bring your form to campus.
  5. If you are unable to bring your form to a campus office, you may email the signed copy along with your valid photo ID to  Emailed documents will be processed within 2-3 business days and holds removed after processing. 

International vaccinations

If you obtain the vaccination outside the United States, it's important to confirm you receive one of the following accepted vaccines:

  • Meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV4)
  • Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4)