Meningitis Requirement

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students who are enrolled in any courses that require in-person class meetings or other in-person requirements such as testing, faculty meetings, tutoring, computer lab access or any other on-campus activities must be in compliance with the meningitis immunization requirement prior to the first class meeting.  

The Texas Legislature requires that all incoming Texas college students must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis. Compliance deadlines can be found here.

The law applies to you if you are:

  • Under 22 years old. AND
  • Enrolling for the first time as a credit student. OR
  • Returning after a break in enrollment of one semester or more. OR
  • Transferring to ACC from another college or university. OR
  • A Continuing Education student who is enrolled in integrated credit classes. (Check with CE for instructions.)

You are automatically exempt if you are:

  • 22 years or older by the first day of the semester. OR
  • A dual-credit or Early College High School student. OR
  • Taking Continuing Education classes that are NOT integrated with credit classes and have fewer than 360 contact hours.

Meningitis Requirement Steps