Administrative Rules

Subject:  College Accessibility AR# 1.01.002
Based on Board Policy: A-1, Vision/Mission/Values Statement
Approved by President/Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 06/15/2007

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District is committed to creating an environment where individuals have equal and effective access to all college programs, services, and facilities.

Administrative Rule

The College will, whenever possible and within available resources, consider the following nationally recognized principles* in establishing and enhancing an inclusive and welcoming institutional infrastructure which allows all individuals equal and effective access.


1.      Equitable Use:  The design is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities.


2.      Flexibility in Use:  The design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities.


3.      Simple and Intuitive Use:  Use of the design is easy to understand, regardless of the userís experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration level.


4.      Perceptible Information:  The design communicates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions or the userís sensory abilities.


5.      Tolerance for Error:  The design minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions.


6.      Low Physical Effort:  The design can be used efficiently and comfortably and with a minimum of fatigue. 

Size and Space for Approach and Use:  Appropriate size and space is provided for approach, reach, manipulation, and use regardless of userís body size, posture, or mobility. 


*The Center for Universal Design (1997), Version 2.0 Raleigh, NC:  North Carolina State University.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date: 02/27/08