Subject: Health Science Programs - Substance Abuse Testing
Guideline/Procedure for AR#: 3.01.002
Date Effective: 9/1/2000; amended 06/16/06

Testing Procedure: 

1.      Document studentís behavior:

Concerns about student behavior are to be documented and to include review by the appropriate Department Chair, the Health Sciences Compliance Coordinator, or the Executive Dean of Health Sciences. 

If the student denies being under the influence of unauthorized substances, a request for a drug screen will be initiated:

A.     the student will sign a consent to undergo drug screening.

B.     if the student refuses to consent to drug screening, the student will be dismissed immediately from the program. 

2.      Institute a Request for Drug Screen:

Provide verbal and written instructions for the testing procedure, including timeframes for the test. 

3.      Arrange for transportation:

Proceed directly to a designated testing center by taxi, accompanied by a Health Sciences representative. 

After the drug screen specimen has been obtained the student will be transported by taxi back to the point of origin or home. 

Student is excluded from all clinical activities pending results of the drug screen. 

4.      Ascertain drug screen results:

Drug screen findings will be interpreted by the designated testing center within 24-48 hours. 

Results will be sent to the Executive Dean of Health Sciences or the Health Sciences Compliance Coordinator where they will be kept in a confidential, locked file.  Results of the drug screen will be released to the Department Chair on a need to know basis only.  Records may be released only to the student or the decision-maker in a lawsuit, grievance or other legal proceeding against the College or its agents arising out of a positive drug test. 

5.      Positive drug screen result:

All positive drug screens will be reviewed by an independent Medical Review Officer.  During review process the student will have the opportunity to:

A.     Explain the cause of the positive drug screen.

B.     Provide the name of the physician authorizing any prescription medications.  The Medical Review Officer will contact the attending physician for verification. If verification is obtained the student will be placed on probation.  Any subsequent evidence of substance abuse will result in a recommendation that the student be dismissed from the program.  The student may appeal the recommendation using the Student Complaint Procedure in the ACC Student Handbook. 

If drug screen is positive and unexplained or unverified via the Medical Review Officer, the student will be:

A.     Dismissed from the program and

B.     Reported to the state licensing agency, if applicable. 

A student who tests positive will be referred to a community resource for evaluation by the ACC counselor at the student's expense. 

6.      Negative drug screen result:

If the drug screen is negative, the student will be immediately reinstated in clinical by the Department Chair and will be provided opportunity to make up assignments.  The student will be subject to all other objectives related to safe behavior and care of clients. 

7.      Readmission to the program is based on program admission policies. 

Consent for Drug Screening 

I, _________________________, recognize that the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs or substances can create an unsafe clinical working environment for others and myself. 

I agree to provide a blood, urine and/or breath sample to the drug testing laboratory designated by Austin Community College.  I also permit the testing laboratory to release the results of the drug screening test to designated Austin Community College authorities.


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