Administrative Rules

Subject: Use of Telecommunication Resources AR# 3.01.003
Based on Board Policy: C-1, General Executive Directives & Limitations
Approved by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 06/12/02


Value Statement

Austin Community College provides access to telecommunications systems to employees in support of the operational and educational goals of the college.  Employees may use these systems for business related reasons and to conduct ACC business in accordance with ACC Policies and Administrative Rules.



The email, telephone, fax and voice mail systems are owned by the college and operated and maintained by the ACCNet department.  All employees have access to the telephone and voice mail systems.  Access to telecommunications systems are a privilege and all users are accountable for professional and ethical use of these systems including, but not limited to, respect for the rights and privacy of others.


Accepting a college telephone, fax, email, cell phone, pager and/or voice mail account constitutes an agreement on behalf of the user to abide by the Administrative Rules, College Policies, and Guidelines.


Telephone and Fax Use

Employees and students are bound by all college and department rules and procedures regarding use of telecommunication systems.  Telephone and fax services are for college business.  Personal business should be limited to local calls and necessity. 


Voice Mail

Employees are responsible for maintaining their voice mail greeting and processing their voice mail messages when out of the office for an extended period of time.  In the event of an unexpected or prolonged absence, the department administrator should contact the Telecommunications Manager to request access in order to change the message.



Employees are responsible for checking and responding to their emails when out of the office for an extended period of time.  In the event of an unexpected or prolonged absence, the department administrator should contact the Help Desk to request that email be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor.


ACC is a member of the Texas Higher Education Network (THENET).  Spamming which is sending unsolicited email to external email accounts is in violation of THENET policies and guidelines.  Spamming by ACC employees is prohibited.


Cell Phones and Pagers

Departmental Budget Authorities must make a determination of the need for cellular phones. The Budget Authorities will institute a quarterly review of cellular phone use in their departments in order to determine if the phones are being used appropriately and frequently enough to justify having them.


Cell phones and pagers are to be requested through the Budget Authority and ordered through IT Purchasing.  Cell phones and pagers will be issued when there is a compelling reason for an employee to have immediate access to a phone or paging system and when budget is available.


IT Purchasing will secure a cell phone-calling plan.  The selection of cell phone calling plans will be based on matching ACC business use to the least expensive option and modified based on written justification by the employee’s supervisor.  Monthly cell phone bills will be received by Purchasing for payment and reviewed.  Monthly cell phone bills exceeding the calling plan will be sent to each employee by Accounts Payable for justification or personal payment of non-ACC business related calls.


Use of cell phones for personal use may not be charged to ACC. If any employees must use an ACC cell phone to make a personal call, the employee must reimburse the college at the actual cost of the call, plus applicable tax. The employee may also be charged the actual cost of processing the billing.


Employees will review the billing statements and identify personal calls they have made by clearly marking the calls and initialing the statement.


For personal safety reasons, employees who are driving College vehicles or engaging in College business, are expected to observe extreme caution when having a cellular phone conversation or access pages.


Upon receipt of a cell phone, an employee will be asked to sign an authorization form to deduct any outstanding cell phone bills for personal calls from the employee’s final paycheck prior to separation from the college.  The employee will be provided a listing of the charges, which were deducted from the final paycheck.  The authorization form will also permit the college to deduct the cost of any equipment not returned to the college from the final paycheck.


Employment Termination

Employees, who separate from the college, will:


The College reserves the right to limit or terminate access to telecommunication systems if deemed to be in the best interest of the institution and with the approval of the appropriate Vice President.  Violations of the use of College telecommunications resources or policies, procedures or rules regarding telecommunications systems may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination depending upon the severity of the infraction, or legal action. 



President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  7/01/02