Administrative Rules

Subject: Publications and Printed Materials AR# 3.02.006
Based on Board Policy: C-2, College Organizational Principles
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 10/04/2000


Value Statement

Professional presentation of Austin Community College in its printed publications is a major factor in maintaining the College’s identity, name recognition and stature in the community as a quality organization.  Printed publications of the College should align with ACC’s mission, reflect its commitment to serving the entire community, and demonstrate appropriate use of College resources.


Administrative Rule

To implement these values:


  1. All publications and printed materials targeted for public use shall fall under this administrative rule.  This includes printed promotional materials intended for external public use, and those of a public information nature but intended for internal use (i.e. bulletin board posters of a college-wide nature); it does not include classroom materials, personal correspondence or other non-public uses.

  2. The Marketing and College Relations Department will maintain guidelines for use of the ACC logo and other ACC graphic elements.  These guidelines shall be communicated widely to the College community and posted on the ACC website.

  3. The Marketing and College Relations Department will work with instructional and administrative departments to create, develop and produce publications and other printed materials.  The Marketing and College Relations Department will be responsible for copy, graphics and photographs for all publications covered by this administrative rule.  Client departments shall take ownership and be responsible for content and its accuracy.

  4. The Marketing and College Relations Department will be responsible for editorial guidance, publication scheduling and liaison with printers, including external printing companies and ACC’s internal Duplication Services.

  5. The Marketing and College Relations Department will provide client departments with appropriate proofreading/approval opportunities prior to publication.

  6. Publication procedures will be maintained by the Marketing and College Relations Department on its website.



President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  11/11/02