Subject: Publications and Printed Materials
Guideline/Procedure for AR#:


Date Effective: 10/04/2000

1.        Requests for publication development should be made to the Marketing and College Relations Department.   The Publications Director is your first point of contact for a print request. 

2.    Services performed free of charge by the Marketing and College Relations Department may include concept, copywriting, editing, photography, selection or creation of graphics, publication design and formatting, and liaison with either an outside printer or ACC’s Duplication Services.  Client departments may submit preliminary copy and/or concepts, subject to review and editorial oversight by the Marketing and College Relations Department.  (Copy may be either basic message elements or production ready.) 

3.      Copy should be finalized before production starts to ensure efficient use of staff time.

 4.      Design, distribution, and other related issues should be resolved before final production commences to maximize staff time and maintain production schedules.

 5.      The Marketing and College Relations Department, in consultation with client departments, shall decide the appropriate printing method, the appropriateness of color printing and what work team within the department shall perform the work (i.e., Graphics or Word Processing).

 6.      Printed jobs using the ACC Duplication Services will be charged to the client department, with appropriate departmental approval required. 

 7.      If the Marketing and College Relations Department determines that a project should use outside printing services, the Marketing and Publications Manager shall obtain an appropriate number of pricing quotations from vendors based on the College’s purchasing policy, serve as liaison with the printer, and approve all printer’s proofs.  Depending on budget availability, funding for such projects will either be the responsibility of the Marketing and College Relations Department or client department; in either case, funding decisions will be made in advance of publication production.

 8.      Any publications or printed materials intended for external distribution created by departments other than the Marketing and College Relations Department must be forwarded in draft/proof form to the Marketing and College Relations Department for review and approval prior to printing.

 9.      A proofing and approval process shall be used on all publication jobs to ensure that client departments review and approve final layouts prior to printing.

 10.  To aid in providing guidelines and resources to other departments of the College who work on publications and graphic projects (i.e., Media Services), the Marketing and College Relations Department may convene ad hoc meetings with staff representatives of these departments to share information, review common concerns, and identify opportunities for improvement.

President/Executive Vice President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  11/11/2002