Administrative Rules

Subject: Connecting Devices to the College Network AR# 3.05.003
Based on Board Policy: C-5, Open Communication and Information
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 03/06/2002




Austin Community College maintains a wide area network (ACCNet) that provides access to the college voice, data, and video communications networks.  To ensure secure and reliable network performance for the college community and to reduce the potential for connecting improperly configured devices or systems to the college wide area network, approval of connections to ACCNet will be based on standards and procedures developed by the College Wide Technology Committee (CWTC) as administered by ACCNet Services. 




Based on standards and procedures developed by the CWTC:


1.      Devices or systems covered under this rule include, but are not limited to, mainframes, minicomputers, servers, workstations, microcomputers (PC or Macintosh), telephones, modems, network equipment (routers, hubs, switches, protocol analyzers), etc. connecting into ACCNet.


2.      The CWTC may provide separate standards and procedures to govern the implementation of certain routine internal connections and installations.


3.      Austin Community College departments, faculty, staff, or students may not connect or contract with an outside vendor to connect any equipment deemed non-routine (as defined in the accompanying procedures), any system, any outside network or any outside presence to ACCNet without the prior review and approval of ACCNet.  All such devices must be registered with ACCNet.


4.      Austin Community College departments, faculty, staff, or students may not perform or contract with an outside vendor to perform any data/telecommunications cabling.  ACCNet Services is responsible for the college’s network infrastructure and will review and implement installation and change requests regardless of the funding source.


5.      To avoid the purchase of communication equipment that is incompatible with ACCNet, all communication equipment purchases that are to be connected to ACCNet require advanced approval of the Director of ACCNet or designee. 


6.      Any device connected to ACCNet is subject to hardware/software audits by Information Technology to ensure against viruses, sniffers, or any other inappropriate device or system that may affect the network.


7.      ACC prohibits providing remote Internet or Intranet access through ACCNet to individuals or networks except as stated in the CWTC standards and procedures.


8.      All outside vendors or individuals and staff provided access to ACCNet and its services will be provided with information on the college’s policies, rules and responsibilities for computing users.


9.      In cases of disagreement over permission to connect a device to ACCNet, parties may appeal to the AVP of Information Technology, through the appropriate administrative channels.


10.  Any device found to be in violation of the standards and procedures and/or to be causing problems that may adversely affect the college wide area network or critical network services is subject to immediate disconnection from the college wide network. ACCNet Services will require security improvements when security problems are identified.


11.  Violations of this administrative rule will be reported to the violator’s supervisor and the AVP of Information Technology.  Violators may be subject to disciplinary or legal action by the College.



President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  11/11/2002