Administrative Rules

Subject: Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition AR#   3.08.001
Based on Board Policy: C-8, Naming Guidelines
Approved by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 09/13/2007

Value Statement 

To promote good fiscal stewardship of tax dollars and broaden the funding opportunities available to donors, the Austin Community College District (ACC) will have an assertive program of external fundraising. 

Individuals, businesses, and organizations may have their contribution recognized through the naming of ACC facilities.  Naming of any facilities will be consistent with ACCís role as a public community college. 

Administrative Rule 

The Board of Trustees will approve all names of campuses, centers, buildings or facilities within the district.  While campuses located within the boundaries of Austin have a variety of campus names, future campuses built in external communities will generally be named after the geographic location in which the facility is located.  For example, ACC: San Marcos Campus. 

Individuals, businesses, and organizations may make a financial or non-financial contribution to ACC and request recognition in accordance with ACCís Board policies.    


The ACC Foundation will communicate with the donor and prepare a request for consideration by the ACC Board of Trustees.  The recommendation shall be submitted to the President.  The President will review and submit the request, with a recommendation, to ACCís Board of Trustees for final action. 

Recognition of Non-financial Contributions  

The college administration may consider and determine appropriate recognition of individuals who have made a significant, non-financial contribution to ACC.  Such recognition may include a variety of means, but may not include designation of facilities or any portion of a college facility in the name of an individual.   

The President shall approve any request for public recognition of a significant, non-financial contributor. 

Requests to name facilities or a portion of a facility in honor or any individual, in lieu of a financial contribution, requires the final approval of the Board of Trustees.  Such determinations will not be considered prior to a one-year period following the individualís last service to the college.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  02/28/08