Administrative Rules

Subject:   Structure and Organization of Developmental Education AR# 4.04.001
Based on Board Policy: D-4, Assessment, Placement, & Developmental Courses
Approved by Council/President: President
Date Approved/Amended: 7/31/00

The purpose of Developmental Education courses is to provide instruction to help students succeed in college.  In meeting this purpose Austin Community College will administer a high quality and accountable Developmental Education program through its established instructional organizational structure. 

The Associate Vice President for Academic Programs will provide overall leadership for the programs of Developmental Education at the College.  The Associate Vice President for Academic Programs shall be responsible for implementation of the Developmental Education Plan approved by the Board of Trustees and submitted to the THECB and for monitoring compliance with administrative rules applicable to developmental education activities.           

The results will drive immediate (section counts, syllabi changes, instructor training, programmatic improvements) and long-term analyses (updating the strategic plan, developing the budget for the next year, requesting additional personnel, eliminating or modifying a teaching approach or strategy).


President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  07/31/00