Administrative Rules

Subject: Furniture and Equipment Acquisition AR# 5.02.004
Based on Board Policy: E-2, Provision of College Facilities
Approved by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 03/26/2003


Value Statement

The Facilities and Operations department at Austin Community College is accountable for ensuring that any acquisition of or alteration to furniture and equipment comply with code requirements, conform to ACC standards, and represent the best long-term value for the College.


Administrative Rule


1.    Prior to ordering furniture or equipment for any ACC owned or leased building, the requesting unit must contact the Facilities & Operations Department.


2.    Facilities & Operations will assist the unit in evaluating their needs and planning and design for the furniture.

        A.  ACC Space Standards and Furniture Standards will used for planning purposes.

        B.  Deviations from approved standards may be made with the written approval of AVP, Facilities & Operations.


3.    Once the requesting unit approves the furniture plan, a price quotation will be requested from the approved vendor by the Purchasing Department.


4.    A Facilities & Operations Project Manager will determine the power, lighting, voice/data, and other needs to support the furniture or equipment layout.


5.    A final budget for furniture, equipment, and infrastructure changes will be prepared by the Project Manager for review and approval by the unit.


6.    When the final budget is approved and the source of funding secured two things will occur:

        A.    The Purchasing Department will place an order with the vendor, and

        B.    Facilities & Operations will make, or have made, the necessary infrastructure improvements.


7.    When the furniture or equipment shipment arrives, the Warehouse will have responsibility for receiving, tagging, and entering information into the Fixed Assets Module.


8.    Facilities & Operations will have responsibility for overseeing the installation of the product and its connection to the College infrastructure.


9.    A Punch List inspection will be conducted by Facilities & Operations with the customer and vendor to ensure that all components have been installed and are in proper working order.


10.    Following completion of the Punch List, the customer will be required to sign-off on the project.  Customer approval will mark the end of the work.



President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:  04/09/2003