Administrative Rules

Subject: Communicable Disease AR# 6.01.001
Based on Board Policy: F-1, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 05/04/1992; amended 06/10/98, 07/19/99

Communicable or infectious diseases are considered protected disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, except in cases in which the disease constitutes a direct threat to the health or safety of other persons in the workplace or the disease prevents the affected person from performing essential job duties.

The College shall provide information regarding communicable diseases in employee handbooks and shall provide workplace guidelines regarding treatment of employees with communicable diseases

Austin Community College shall base all decisions related to a communicable disease, as defined in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Sec. 81.0001, et. Seg. on current, well-informed medical and scientific evidence and practices which shall take into consideration the nature of the disease, risk of transmission, symptoms and special circumstances.

Employees and students participating in clinical and laboratory programs that may expose them to an infectious agent or its toxic products are required to observe the safety guidelines prescribed by the U.S. Public Health Service.

Medical history, medical records and other medical information regarding an employee with a communicable disease will be considered confidential information and will not be released without the individual's written consent except as otherwise provided by law.


President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:   07/19/99